Borrowing Power Calculator

Your borrowing power is a critical number to know because it tells you exactly how much you can spend on a property.

Discuss your borrowing capacity with an expert

It’s important to shop around – banks and lenders all use different criteria to calculate how much they will lend you. Your borrowing capacity between two banks could be thousands of dollars – the difference between purchasing your dream house or settling for your second favourite.

A Loan Market mortgage broker knows what each lender is looking for and who’ll lend you more. We talk to over 30 lenders daily and will ask you the right questions to make sure we maximise your borrowing capacity and present the right loan options for you.

Calculator Mortgage broker
Estimate borrowing power Tell you the banks that can lend more
Analyse income sources Negotiate a lower rate
Tell you the lowest interest rates Consolidate other debts
Review your expenses Find you other savings

Discuss your borrowing capacity with an expert


I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the service John provided, he was very helpful, very professional, and responded to all my enquiries effectively and efficiently.

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Smooth process from start to finish. Leah was great at guiding me through an unfamiliar process and offering great advice

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Discuss your borrowing capacity with an expert