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I had a great experience with Phil, he was very helpful with every single question I had, and I had plenty. He helped me through the process of purchasing my first home and made the experience very painless. Not only would I recommend him, I would also go back to him in the future.

Nikita Zilm

With all the home loans available, it can be overwhelming to choose one and have the confidence that it’s the right home loan for you.

A Loan Market mortgage broker will take the time to determine your financial goals and then recommend the loan options that are right for you. Our brokers work with 30 lenders who offer over 1,000 different types of home loans, so no matter what type of borrower you are, we can find a loan for you.

Our brokers have the expertise to deal with a variety of loan purposes and types of buyers. If you’re a first home buyer, purchasing an investment property or looking for a better deal on your existing loan, our brokers have the experience and expertise to help.

Outstanding customer service is at the forefront of our business and we’re happy to chat with you at a time a place that works for you. Best of all, you don’t pay a single cent for our service.

Every year we help more than 20,000 Australians reach their property dreams.

Since 1994, we’ve built relationships with over 30 lenders and have a team of over 500 mortgage brokers across Australia. Loan Market’s network of mortgage brokers is one of the largest in Australasia.

Get a FREE home loan comparison

Over 30 lenders you know and trust

Our brokers take the time to understand your needs and will find the right
home loan for you, from over 1,000 loans.


Bren has been a big help with everything through my experience in getting my loan for buying my first home. He is easy to talk to and answered any questions I had even if they were the same ones over and over again.

Cornelia Van Engelenhoven

You could walk into your local bank and ask for a loan, but this limits your opportunity to truly get the right deal.

There are thousands of home loans out there and it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. If you have an existing home loan or a quote for a new one, it’s important to get an expert to compare home loans for you.

When it comes to comparing home loans it’s not just about the interest rate. Different loans have different fees, features and repayment options. Sometimes, the loan with a lower interest rate may end up being more costly when you add up all the fees and charges.

How does the loan process work?


Damien and his team have done a excellent job facilitating me through my home loan and refinance making it a easy processes and explaining things simply when needed.

Daniel Giuffre

At Loan Market the process is simple - we take the time to ask you the right questions and then find the right loan options for you. There’s no pressure to choose a certain home loan and you’re given an educated and transparent view of your choices.

If you need a loan fast, we can organise a quick pre-approval or if you need more time to shop around, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need.

After choosing the right loan we’ll start your application and complete all your paperwork. Along the way we’ll keep you fully informed and updated along the lodgement, approval and settlement process.

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