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Asset Finance Presentation June 2017
Aaron Greffenius's presentation
Liberty Financial Motor Presentation
NOW Prensentation

Aaron Greffenius and Martin Bradford discuss opportunities within Asset Finance
Aaron Greffenius and Martin Bradford discuss marketing to your referral partners

Training Webinars
How to fill in the Broker Invoice
Entering Asset Finance into Symmetry
Quoting for Westpac Asset Finance in Drive System
Quoting for ANZ Asset Finance with Single Brokerage Calculator
Quoting with Maclease

Process Flows

Car Loans

Accreditation Forms

Direct Money
Macquarie Leasing
Now Finance

Forms and templates

Privacy authorisation
Finance Application Data
Tax invoice template

Marketing Material

What Campaigns are available?
You have access to 5 different campaigns, each aimed at a particular audience

  1. End Of Financial Year (EOFY) Car Loans
  2. Personal Car Loans
  3. Business Car Loans
  4. Personal Loans
  5. Commercial Loans

What tools are available?
For each campaign, you have access to both print and digital material

  • A2 poster
  • A4 flyer
  • Facebook assets
  • Email signature banner
  • Email template

Access Print UI to get started