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Whether you’re buying your first, second or fifth property and looking for your next one, it should be an enjoyable, rewarding and painless experience. Having a professional mortgage broker on your side will help achieve this.

Self-employed Loans

There are many different options out there for self-employed people to get loans but not all are that simple to obtain. Working for yourself opens many doors regarding making your money work best for you and that includes effective tax strategies that don’t always make you look wealthy on paper and thus make you appear unsuitable to banks. I can help you through this and look at your finances with an eye for the actual financial picture which I then present to the most appropriate lender for your situation.


  • Gina and Allan Atcheson
    Refinance and Renovation
    Beau was able to source us a loan that gave us extra money, at a lower interest rate which resulted in a cheaper monthly repayment, so that we could renovate our property. He was very communicative and kept us well informed throughout the whole process.
  • Karyn B.
    Beau was very professional from the beginning, really easy to talk to and went the extra mile. I'm very happy with the outcome and service.
  • Alison T. and Sam F.
    First Home Purchase
    We've had urgent purchase dates and problems with inspections, Beau has made the financial aspect as simple as possible. He has taken calls while on holidays, Sunday's and has does it all in the most relaxed and organised manner. I highly recommend him, his hard work and easy going attitude have simplified our experience.
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Latest News

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    How much is enough?

    I meet with plenty of people who are looking to buy property but aren't always ready as far as a bank is concerned. The following discusses how much money is enough to get you ready to go house hunting.

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    Fixing the Christmas Hangover

    ​They can leave you with a headache, make you nauseous and stop you from thinking about anything else. Sometimes they're caused by excessive drinking and lack of hydration, other times they can be from spending too much money over Christmas and maxing out your short term credit facilities.

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    Can't afford your first home? Buy your first investment instead

    ​Houses anywhere in Sydney are either very close to out of reach or completely out of reach for anyone trying to save a deposit for a mortgage. Entering the property market in a different capital city and using the growth in your investment property might be the ticket to your first home.