Mortgage Broker Penrith

Operating out of a boutique office in Penrith you are the only priority. We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients with unusual circumstances get access to finance. Our office is always open or we can come to you when ever suits you.

Self employed and income poor but know you have the ability to pay the loan? We have a range of lenders with low doc loans. Previous credit impairment and the banks don't want to give you a go? We can find someone that will understand the situation and consider lending you money for any worthwhile purpose.

Apart from helping those in tricky situations we also assist the more standard applicant and have access to over 30 lenders and all of their products. Being a large family owned brokering group we are even able to negotiate a better rate with your current bank, a lot of the time we can do this in front of you in a matter of minutes.

Whether you need a standard home loan, refinance, investment loan, car loans or a personal loan we are your one stop shop to ensure you get the best deal for you.

Self-employed Loans

There are many different options out there for self-employed people to get loans but not all are that simple to obtain. Working for yourself opens many doors regarding making your money work best for you and that includes effective tax strategies that don’t always make you look wealthy on paper and thus make you appear unsuitable to banks. I can help you through this and look at your finances with an eye for the actual financial picture which I then present to the most appropriate lender for your situation.


  • Gina and Allan Atcheson
    Refinance and Renovation
    Beau was able to source us a loan that gave us extra money, at a lower interest rate which resulted in a cheaper monthly repayment, so that we could renovate our property. He was very communicative and kept us well informed throughout the whole process.
  • Alison T. and Sam F.
    First Home Purchase
    We've had urgent purchase dates and problems with inspections. Beau has made the financial aspect as simple as possible. He has taken calls while on holidays, Sunday's and does it all in the most relaxed and organised manner. I highly recommend him, his hard work and easy going attitude have simplified our experience.
  • Danielle & Phil B.
    Beau made himself available all the time. He was flexible and had fantastic service. He knew his products and was able to answer all of our questions when they arose.
  • Karyn B.
    Beau was fantastic helping my daughter Dani & myself with a rather difficult refinance. From the start Beau was on top of everything to make sure our transition was smooth. Every bump in the road was dealt with such a professional manner. I would not hesitate on using his service again, very happy.
  • Karen L.
    Investment Property
    I can't thank Beau enough. He did a fantastic job organising my first investment loan. Nothing was a problem for Beau, he was on top of it all at every turn. From sourcing the best loan to suit my needs all the way through to settlement. I will definitely go through Beau for all future loans.
  • Cameron and Sarah S.
    Land and Construction
    Beau was exceptional in both his communication and commitment throughout the whole process. There were many challenges throughout the purchase and he adapted and helped extremely well. If he gave you a deadline on when he would do something or let you know he was always spot on. Couldn't recommend highly enough.
  • Jemma C.
    Car Loan
    Beau ensured that I got the lowest rate and did this within such a small time frame! I couldn't be happier with his dedicated services!
  • Craig and Sarah B.
    Owner Occupied
    Beau helped my husband and I purchase our second home. It was the best decision we could have made. We certainly didn’t have a straightforward clean cut loan but Beau navigated it so professionally. I felt at ease throughout the entire process because we were kept informed and engaged with the progress of the loan. Compared to our first home purchase through the bank, this second purchase was an absolute dream. We can’t recommend Beau enough.
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