Mortgage Broker servicing Willaston, Gawler, Evanston Park and surrounding suburbs

Whether you are buying, investing, refinancing or building your dream home it can be made very easy with the help of Ben. With over 30 lenders on his panel, his knowledge of finance and love for real estate, Ben will ensure the loan application process will be smooth from beginning to end.


  • Jamie Banwell
    Ben has helped us reach our goals. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in ways we can understand. Could not recommend Ben high enough!!
  • Travis Jaensch
    Ben did an excellent job in getting our loan approved. He managed to get us approved within 6 days when it took the previous broker over 3 weeks to tell us we got denied. Ben was informative and worked around our schedule; he was very helpful
  • Hoang Tran
    Ben's made the entire process nice and easy. A few skills in particular that I would like to highlight. Communication was top notch. Whether it was via phone or email Ben was always quick to respond with the exact info I was after. The way he presented the information was always easy to understand. The right balance of simple and technical. Also Ben's not one to shy away from work that I would definitely consider out of scope. He didn't have to help me but on multiple occasions has helped me out with minimal fuss
  • Andrew Brittain
    Very professional, highly thorough with all information presented not only to ensure awareness of the process occurring or options available but also to ensure I was comfortable with what was happening. Ben went above and beyond
  • Catherine Saliba
    Ben was very respectful. Ben took time and was very patient when I could not understand things. Ben found different ways to explain things, ensuring that I did understand everything
  • Joanne Edwards
    Ben conducted himself in a professional manner through the whole process; He kept me informed the whole way and took time to make sure I understood every step of the process
  • Debbie Spice
    Ben has been fantastic, I am more than happy with his continue services ...he always follows up everything and continued to keep in regular contact informing me of what is happening and where things are at ...always very pleasant and helpful
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Latest News

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    How does a guarantor loan work?

    One of the biggest barriers to buying a home is coming up with the deposit needed to cover the lenders requirements and also the associated fees (such as stamp duty & lenders mortgage insurance). A guarantor loan can reduce and even remove the need for any deposit at all. This is done by taking security over another property. Typically a family member will be the one to provide their home as security and they must have the required equity available in their property to do so. This amount will be different based on the loan amount and purchase price of your new home.

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    How much deposit do I need?

    The most common question that I get as a mortgage broker is about the amount of deposit required. The answer will depend on what lender we use, what the purpose of the loan is (owner occupied or investment) and where we buy (metro or regional). It will also depend on whether you are trying to avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance (which requires a higher deposit) or whether you are looking to pay the minimum deposit required.