Mortgage Broker servicing Gawler, Willaston, Evanston Park and surrounding suburbs

Whether you are buying, investing, refinancing or building your dream home it can be made very easy with the help of Ben. With over 30 lenders on his panel, his knowledge of finance and love for real estate, Ben will ensure the loan application process will be smooth from beginning to end.


  • Jamie Banwell
    Ben has helped us reach our goals. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in ways we can understand. Could not recommend Ben high enough!!
  • Travis Jaensch
    Ben did an excellent job in getting our loan approved. He managed to get us approved within 6 days when it took the previous broker over 3 weeks to tell us we got denied. Ben was informative and worked around our schedule; he was very helpful
  • Hoang Tran
    Ben's made the entire process nice and easy. A few skills in particular that I would like to highlight. Communication was top notch. Whether it was via phone or email Ben was always quick to respond with the exact info I was after. The way he presented the information was always easy to understand. The right balance of simple and technical. Also Ben's not one to shy away from work that I would definitely consider out of scope. He didn't have to help me but on multiple occasions has helped me out with minimal fuss
  • Andrew Brittain
    Very professional, highly thorough with all information presented not only to ensure awareness of the process occurring or options available but also to ensure I was comfortable with what was happening. Ben went above and beyond
  • Catherine Saliba
    Ben was very respectful. Ben took time and was very patient when I could not understand things. Ben found different ways to explain things, ensuring that I did understand everything
  • Joanne Edwards
    Ben conducted himself in a professional manner through the whole process; He kept me informed the whole way and took time to make sure I understood every step of the process
  • Debbie Spice
    Ben has been fantastic, I am more than happy with his continue services ...he always follows up everything and continued to keep in regular contact informing me of what is happening and where things are at ...always very pleasant and helpful
  • Darryl Wilson
    Everything Ben did for us was exceptional. We now have a way forward financially. His efforts to go the extra mile for us was great.
  • Hayden Wall & Vicki Patterson
    From the first baby step to the final leap Ben was with us 100%, and explained it all in simple down to earth terms. We always felt comfortable with Ben and what he explained. He drove out 60 km (after hours BTW) to us several times which really helped us and we appreciate that a lot. His pleasant no bull approach is rare these days. Thanks Ben and the LM team.
  • Justin & Kristen Nicolai
    My wife and I were lucky enough to be recommended by our accountant to meet with Ben Burnett from Loan Market with the idea to have Ben assist us with investment properties. Ben has been great for us. He is very helpful and knowledgeable, he is genuine, and he always explains everything in simple terms that we can understand. Ben's always willing to go that extra step to help us out and do everything possible to help us achieve our goals. It's always about getting the best outcome for us. There would be no hesitation in us recommending Ben to any family or friends. Kristen and I look forward to a long working relationship in helping us currently and with any future endeavours.
  • Sharon Van Dyke
    Great broker Ben. He was fast and efficient. Love how he makes everything so easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone. If you ever need a great broker must see Ben Burnett at Gawler, fantastic guy.
  • Darcy Mayer
    Ben has shown me many times, there is almost nothing he doesn't understand in terms of writing loans, he often goes out of his way to give advice, and make sure we are getting what we want, even if we didn't know that particular thing was possible. He gives all the best options and lets us choose one we are most comfortable with. He's extremely flexible in regards to meeting times and makes me feel really comfortable when spending so much money. My loans are easy to understand now and structured in the best way possible. I've already recommended Ben to anyone who asks me about home loans.
  • Amanda Tran
    Loved working with Ben Burnett and will use him again for our future investments. We have introduced him to family and his skills in adapting and explaining things easily are remarkable.
  • Aaron Goulding
    Ben is very good at communicating. He will return calls really quickly and when he says he is going to do something he does it. That's what every customer wants.
  • Kenneth Scott
    Ben Burnett is highly versed in this industry and was able to satisfy us and guide us all the way from start to finish with our loan process. He is very professional.
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