Work with the 2018 Broker of the Year!

What sets me apart from other mortgage brokers, and banks, is:

  1. Speed and convenience
  2. Solutions, not sales and
  3. My exclusive ‘CARE’ strategy which is defined as:
    • C – Choice
    • A – Advice
    • R – Research
    • E - Educate

I respect my customer’s time and work tirelessly to get them to their goals as quickly and stress-free as possible. This all starts with listening first, and finding and solving each client’s pain points.

I’m more of a solutions person than a salesperson - a matchmaker between the banks and my client - able to help when the banks can’t.

I live and breathe my “CARE” strategy to achieve outstanding results for each of my clients.  From first home buyers to sophisticated investors, I aim to provide a true private banking service to every customer.


  • Matthew Galbraith
    “Bernard provided excellent advice, found a loan that was far superior to the one that we had. We found that ME Bank was difficult to deal with and Bernard did a terrific job assisting us to move our loans to the new bank. Bernard always kept me updated.”
  • Sam White - Chairman, Loan Market
    "Bernard has very quickly shown that he will be one of the people to watch in the future. He has already built up a great reputation with his clients (as measured by NPS), he has tremendous work ethic and has a curiosity and ambition about how to improve every area of his business and his process. His growth has been exceptional and I believe he will be one of the leading brokers - in both our business and within the industry - within the next 2 years."
  • Angela Rayner
    "Bernard is committed to his clients and provides personal service and sound advice. Frustrated with the lack of service of one of the big 4 so called “Private Bankers” I switched to Bernard and we are very happy customers indeed! Well deserved win and I am sure the first of many! Thanks Team Bernard!"
  • Kaila Frazer
    "Bernard swooped in and unravelled our mess - not an easy task in itself as we didn’t know enough about what was going on to describe it adequately. Very calmly and surely he gathered all the required paperwork and approached multiple banks and advocated on our behalf even when they too were concerned about my income on maternity leave. Within days we had multiple lenders who would offer us pre-approval. To our shock, one of those lenders had an even lower rate than the larger bank we had wanted to sign with! Bernard came to our house late that evening, out of hours, to ensure our application went through asap. We rushed to put our offer in, and well, I’m typing this from my new living room - the results speak for themselves."
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