February 19 2019

Diversifying with Asset Finance

This month we hosted our national Asset Finance workshop. Now in its fourth consecutive year, this one-day advanced workshop was a big success bringing together a mix of some of our very best Asset Finance writers across the country and business owners with a dedicated Asset Finance resource.

The day consisted of:

  • Hearing from Sam White post the release of the RC report
  • 2 lender panels - the first panel hosted industry experts sharing their outlook on 2019, identifying opportunities for brokers to pursue. Our other session presented an opportunity to grill lender experts on deal structures and credit appetite with some surprising results in the breadth of solutions we can provide our customers
  • 2 x case studies on brokers (Nelson Bedoya (NSW) and Nick Hondrou (SA) now Asset Finance Specialists who successfully diversified their business and learning the strategies they put in place to grow their Asset Finance business
  • A deep dive into product and niches, interactive marketing and compliance sessions as well as a look at Asset Finance in MyCRM and quoting tool solution.

Now more than ever it is important for brokers to consider looking at diversifying their business and one of those avenues can be through Asset Finance.

For anyone interested in finding out how and where to start, get in touch by emailing assetfinance@loanmarket.com.au

Want to save on utility bills? It's simple!

Home Now helps customers save on electricity, gas and internet bills.The Home Now team compares your utility bills with Australia’s leading brands to find you better deals. Then get you connected to your new provider.

We’re saving customers on average $882* annually. But don't take our word for it! NSW Broker Sue Spasojevic tried it out for herself and found that she could potentially save $1,500 on her annual utility bills.

“Such an easy process to follow. Fantastic service with an amazing outcome. $1,500 back to our pockets! Nothing to lose, so much to gain. Your services will be recommended to all our clients, family and friends”, she said.   

See how much you can save. Try it now.

  1. Go to https://betterbills.com/loanma...
  2. Upload your current electricity, gas and internet bills
  3. Like magic, the Home Now team will work out how much you could save and come back to you with the most competitive deals. Then, they’ll get you connected with the new provider.

*Average annual savings from bills received from Nov 2018 to Feb 2019.

Bee part of The Hive

The Hive is buzzing with activity! CSMs, join us for the February Hive session with your host Christopher Emanuel. Plus, we’re joined by special guest Alan Walker AKA the Asset guru.

When? Monday 25 February, 12pm-12:40pm AEDT

Where? It’s online!

Register here

What can you expect?

  • Marketing automation & subscriptions making your life a breeze
  • Brokerpedia and the LDS learning app - how to make your own template of policies
  • Compliance - HEM, Living Expenses and the MyCRM Calculator
  • MyCRM - CQP Enhancements and the ‘download all’ function
  • Special Guest interview: Alan Walker from the Financial Services team- the ASSET Guru.

Welcome to the family, Society One!

Society one is not a bank, but a marketplace place lender for personal loans.

Unlike other lenders, Society One doesn't use the ‘one size fits all’ approach - they provide better rates to clients that have good credit history… it’s a more rewarding personal loan!

Their mission? To give brokers, borrowers and investors a better deal, one brilliant funding moment at a time.

How Society One can help you and your clients

  • Interest rate quoted is rate offered to customer (interest rate Is not estimated)
  • Interest rate is quoted WITHOUT affecting customers credit report (soft touch on credit file)
  • Competitive pricing, Interest rates from 7.5%
  • Simple & transparent product features - no ongoing or early repayment fees
  • Ability to split living expenses ( HEM based on income and postcode)
  • Letter from Accountant – acceptable for Self employed
  • Ability to split mortgage/rent
  • Personal Loans available for business use
  • Deposit for property acquisition available

To become accredited email: accreditations@loanmarket.com.au

For loan scenarios or general enquiries please contact

Greg Neilsen – 0448 129 994  greg.neilsen@societyone.com.au 

Mat Chaffey – 0431 521 345 mathew.chaffey@societyone.com.au 

Or email brokersupport@societyone.com.au

The HUB hits Chapel Street!

Loan Market has chosen one of Australia’s iconic high streets for its first Corporate retail space, breaking new ground in the customer-broker relationship.

The Hub, located on Melbourne’s prestigious Chapel Street, South Yarra, has turned the experience customers expect from the financial services industry on its head, amidst a retail strip of couture, edgy bars and inner-city energy.

The Hub’s design principles foster collaboration between brokers and customers. And while its appearance is more akin to a contemporary home than a financial services shopfront, Loan Market’s Head of Product Jason Furnell said the design intent stretched beyond the purely aesthetic.

“People aren’t going to walk into a business just for a coffee or to rest their feet in a pleasant setting - they’ll go to a cafe for that,” said Mr Furnell.

“Customers will come into The Hub for the specific purpose of finding the right mortgage product for them, guidance in their wealth strategy, essential insurances or utility connections for their next move.

“We’ve had some people pop in off the street to enquire what it is, and that’s a reflection of us pulling back on the branding and typical industry lay-out to focus on the experience: creating a partnership environment where the customer is as important as the broker.

“The Hub’s design replicates that sense of comfort that sitting around the kitchen table offers. Customers and our brokers are going to want to come here and work together to find solutions in a warm, free-flowing environment.”

While it will house Loan Market’s Victorian Corporate team, The Hub is also open to all franchise businesses wanting to engage with their own customers. “It also offers business owners ideas on what is achievable in terms of their workplace and how it can benefit the customer-broker relationship.”

Mr Furnell said The Hub was also an opportunity for Loan Market to define what is unique about the brand, celebrating its locally-owned, family-focused culture.

See photos from the official launch here.

Your fortnightly compliance tips

 1. CPA: It’s confusing, we know.

In the CPA world yes means no and no means yes; in short, it's confusing. 

We act under the 'not unsuitable' framework so before generating a CPA in MyCRM, in the broker declaration section you must click on “YES” to state the loan is “NOT UNSUITABLE”. Failure to click on “YES”, will automatically default to “NO" meaning when you generate the CPA, it will state the loan is UNSUITABLE.

2. Know your minimum requirements

Are you across the minimum requirements for supporting documents? This details Loan Market requirements, separate to the requirements of the lender. All loans lodged must have supporting documentation as specified in this checklist. The audit team will be assessing files to ensure these documents have been collated/completed and uploaded into MyCRM.

See the minimum requirements here