August 6, 2019

The power of PPL referrals

So how did Lee end up with all this extra business?

Here’s how it went down: 

Lee received a lead in November 2018 who wanted a $700k pre-approval. He did such a great job for this client, that she then referred her friend, Tara, to Lee.

Since then, Lee has now settled $1.88M for Tara (as of May 2019) and is working on 2 more deals with her, at a $1.2M value

But wait... there's more! Tara also referred Lee to her colleagues and he’s now in a discussion about securing a $700k pre-approval from them

So far Lee has secured $12k in upfront commission (and counting!) from a lead that cost just $120 - that’s a whopping 9,900% return on investment! 

Customer service is key to driving success, so next time you’re chatting with a lead who might seem like a dead end, remember that they might know someone who isn’t. Look at the bigger picture and reap the rewards, just like Lee.

Want to know more about the Pay Per Lead program? Check out the website here.

Are you - and your customers - on the right energy plan for your situation?

Rising energy prices are a concern for everyone, with changes to legislation making it even harder to keep up. Fear not, Home Now is here to ensure you and your clients are on the

Since 1 July 2019, the Default Market Offer (DMO) has replaced standing offer energy plans for customers in New South Wales, South East Queensland and South Australia. The Victorian Default Offer (VDO) has replaced standing offer energy plans for customers in Victoria, however this only affects 23 per cent of small businesses and 14 percent of households.

Standing offers were the most expensive rates paid by customers who had not actively switched to a retailer market offer contract, although the DMO & VDO rates will be cheaper for these customers. By shopping around and using an energy comparison service, customers on the new rates will find additional average savings of 18 per cent by switching to a market offer with Loan Market Home Now.

Industry leaders such as Australian Energy Chair Paula Conboy have stated: ‘Australians market offers are almost always cheaper than the DMO, and shopping around for a deal that best fits the needs of your household or business is the best way to reduce your power bill.”

Regardless if you are on a new default offer or a market offer, 80 per cent of the market are still overpaying on energy bills. To cut through the confusion, we encourage you to get an energy cost comparison for your home or business. This can take the pain away from shopping around for better energy rates to help save you money on your energy bills.

Send a copy of your home or business bills (all pages) to Sarah or Kerry at