Edition #1

Good things are happening this year

Good things are happening this year

We hope you’ve had a good start to 2017! We are all busily working to bring you big things this year, with Blue Print being one of them.

Every two weeks we will bring you a new edition featuring news, corporate team updates, compliance reminders, marketing campaigns, a word from our lenders, training, events and more. A new edition will be released every second Tuesday so look out for it in your inbox.

Some of the key things we are bringing you this year include:

  • Wealth Market
  • My CRM
  • Training programs in various areas
  • Monthly marketing campaigns
  • Opportunities to work better with your referral partners
  • Peer to peer learning

Get festive this Chinese New Year

The beginning of the year of the rooster starts on 28th January 2017 – the Chinese New Year. We’ve designed a range of Chinese New Year marketing tools to help you celebrate and promote this event to your clients and in your community.

This is available from PrintUI or can be accessed using the links below:

R.I.P LMG Central

LMG central is no longer in use. If you’re looking for anything that was previously on LMG Central, you will now be able to find it on One View. You can find all you marketing, compliance and franchise information by searching Info Hub, see instructions and tips on how to search here.

Please note: you will still need to use LMG Central to update or create email signatures but for everything else One View is your destination.

Using interest rates in marketing

When using interest rates in marketing collateral, we are obliged to include all the information the customer will need.

Featuring an interest rate on any collateral including flyers, websites or social media will need to be followed by a lengthy disclaimer which will take up a lot of valuable real estate on your page. If you are thinking of choosing a rate to display on any marketing, have a think about how much space you have to work with and how much of it will need to be cleared to add the disclaimer in. Anything smaller than an A4 flyer or a double sided DL flyer is not recommended as the copy becomes shorter than the disclaimer in some instances.

What information needs to be included?

You will need to provide Marketing with the following so they can get Compliance to write a disclaimer:

  • Comparison rate
  • A link to the product information from the lender including (but not limited to):
    • Product information ie. Owner occupied, Principal and interest ect.
    • LVR information
    • Fees and charges
    • Dates of validity
    • Figures which comparison rate is calculated on

What’s the process?

Please send all the information mentioned above to marketing@loanmarket.com.au. Anything with rates will take longer for Marketing to produce as Compliance will need to write the disclaimer. Please allow up to one week to see the finished product.

We do suggest using the rates flyers updated monthly on PrintUI as they are instant.

End-to-end back office support

Just a reminder that we’ve now extended our service offering in Manila to include post lodgement. Your broker support officer can handle your file from initial data entry all the way to the coordination of settlement.

For the past five months we’ve been working with a number of brokers and their support staff to provide you with a seamless and adaptable solution for your business. With over 300 settlement applications processed we are confident that the team can handle your applications, no matter what scenario.

In addition to the support you are receiving today, we have extended the program to include the following services;

  • Ordering valuations
  • Raise pricing requests
  • Generating compliance documents
  • Submission of supporting documents
  • Lender follow ups
  • Settlement coordination
  • Extended operating hours
  • Customer follow ups (optional)
  • One View integration

How to manage your requests

One View is now the place to send new requests. This replaces the Customer File or Apply Online form. Click here to watch a short video on how to lodge a Broker Support Request case via One View.

Franchise Member Assistants, you can now also lodge broker support requests via One View as well. Check out the step by step guide on how to submit a Broker Support request.

For added flexibility, we’ve also opened up One View to allow you to edit your broker support preferences including opting in for customer contact, preferred document labelling, preferred contact method and more. Check out the help guide to change your preferences.

Now that we have expanded our service offering, we’ve adjusted our fee model to incorporate the new charges for the post lodgement support process. Click here to see a breakdown of the costs for each submission type. You will need to sign a new updated agreement to accommodate for the new fee structure but in the meantime, you can take advantage of the new process as soon as you are ready.

If you would like to find out more about the boker support program, see our info article.