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CPD points

We hope you enjoyed the Power Up Conference as much as we did! Because you attended, you have earnt MFAA and FBAA CPD points.


14.00 MFAA CPD hours*.

You will need to lodge your hours by using the event code 308996 when completing your MFAA CPD activity records.

*The program qualifies under the MFAA CPD Qualifying Activities Policy. This allocation of CPD hours applies only to this event and expires 01/01/2019. CPD type is: Seminar.

Update your MFAA CPD activities online here


10.00 FBAA CPD points

Download the FBAA record card here and complete it by using the two event codes listed below.

What transformation will you make?

Nothing happens without action. At Connect 2018, we’re going to showcase our Top Transformers - the people who have committed to make a change in their business and have made the change happen. 

Send us your ambitious transformation plan telling us where you want to be in 12 months time - and we’ll help you take action. Top Transformers - Make a commitment and send us your video now

2018 Connect Conference: limited early bird tickets still available

Next year, the Loan Market conference will be part of our broader Group event, Connect. We’ll have dedicated Loan Market presentations and content, more hack sessions and our own awards night. Save $130 on your ticket by booking an early bird special. Limited early bird tickets are still available, don’t miss out. Book here.

Have you had a play in the MyCRM training environment?

Login to the User Acceptance Testing environment (training version) for MyCRM:


1. Enter your Loan Market business email address

2. Click the "Forgot your password?" link at the bottom of the login panel to set your initial password

Details to note:

- Your real data is copied across nightly from Symmetry and changes you make in the training version will not affect your data in Symmetry. Any new data you add to UAT will be cleared out each night.

- Be sure to check visibility and access permissions - can everyone in your team login and can you see all your current WIP loans and those of your team?

- We recommend mirroring the tasks and functions you perform in Symmetry/MyCRM for a week as the best way to train yourself and check your data.

- If you’re keen to find out more you can attend a MyCRM “Getting Started” webinar. The webinars are interactive and include time for Q&A. Simply send an email to Jason Condely to register your interest.

- While we encourage you to check out MyCRM, jumping straight in is only supported by self-service guides and videos throughout the system.

Data washing: Your Do Not Call responsibilities

If you engage in telemarketing or fax marketing activities, you should check or 'wash' your contact lists against the Do Not Call Register to avoid contacting registered numbers. To check numbers against the Do Not Call Register, you will need to create a washing account through the Telemarketer Access Portal at www.donotcall.gov.au.

To help you better understand your obligations under the Do Not Call legislation, the ACMA provides a range of materials and information, including telemarketing blogs on its website.

You should regularly review your processes to ensure that you are compliant with the Do Not Call legislation. If you find that there are areas of your operations that are not compliant, these should be addressed immediately. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Compliance.

Check out what's new on Springboard

Log into Springboard today to check out the new MyCRM and Power Up Channels, and other new training materials. These new channels include training materials like videos, presentations and updates. Find the quick links below to what’s new.

NEW Power Up Conference Channel

NEW MyCRM Training and Support Channel

What’s New:

Learn how to scan docs straight into Drive

- The Latest Lender Weather Update - Episode 3

Don’t know your username & password? Or If you have any Springboard related questions, please reach out to learning@loanmarket.com.au

Customer signatures

Obtaining your customer’s signature on all documents should form part of your Responsible Lending process. This may be sourced from the customer as a manual, hand-written signature, or via a recognised digital signature platform  e.g. EsignLive, Docusign, etc. It should be noted however that individual lender requirements vary, and you will both need to comply with our requirements as well as the lender.

Electronic signatures and digital signatures are two different things. An electronic signature is simply an electronic image of your signature added to an electronic document. The difficulty in using an electronic signature becomes apparent when you need to prove the identity of the party signing as the signature has not been witnessed by another person. There is also the risk that the content of the document could be altered after being signed.

A digital signature is a term applied to describe a type of electronic signature. It utilises technology which encrypts the electronic communication with hidden data to prove that the document came from you. Digital signatures are therefore unique electronic “identities” which make them verifiable and are a secure way of verifying the author of a document. Given the risk including but not limited to fraud inherent in the usage of electronic signatures, Loan Market endorses digital signature technology.

This endorsement aligns with Loan Market’s  ‘zero-tolerance’ policy with regard to management of fraud.

Our Fraud Policy defines fraud as dishonest activity causing actual or potential financial loss to any person or entity, and where deception is used at the time, immediately before or immediately following the activity. This includes the deliberate falsification, concealment, destruction or use of falsified documentation used or intended for use for a normal business purpose or the improper use of information or position for personal financial benefit.

The copying and pasting of customer signatures constitutes fraud and will not be tolerated by Loan Market. We may immediately terminate your Mortgage Broker Agreement where you engage in fraudulent activity.

Please ensure that you obtain signatures sourced directly from your clients on any documentation requiring customer signatures.

Should you have any questions, please email Compliance.

Getty image - licensing issue

The following Getty image of a ‘red couch’, Getty reference number: 3551-000018 is unlicensed. It must be removed from any place that it is currently displayed. If Getty Images discovers anyone using it, both corporate and brokers will be fined and liable for costs. Please take action today and check all materials.

Looking for easy ways to refer to Wealth Market?

Simply download the new scripting ideas from Springboard here.

Loan Market GO - changes to the credit policy

We’re committed to lending responsibly, and ensuring our customers can meet their home loan repayments today and into the future.

Regulatory bodies have raised concerns about Australia’s household debt-to-income ratio, which has risen significantly over the past decade.

With this in mind, we made changes to our home lending credit policy for interest only lending in July this year, introducing a Loan-To-Income ratio (LTI) calculation to better assess a customer’s ability to manage their home loan. This policy has been expanded to apply to all new home loan applications.

What’s changing?

- Advantedge calculates the LTI ratio on all loan applications. Advantedge's policy is to decline any application on which the LTI ratio is greater than 8.

- From Saturday 16 September 2017, LTI calculations will determine the credit decision outcome for all home loan applications. It was introduced in July for all interest only applications, and now is being extended to also apply to principal and interest applications.

What you need to know

- Brokers can complete a manual calculation to determine if the LTI is less than the relevant threshold via the Serviceability Calculator.

- If the LTI is greater than 8, brokers are not to proceed with the application unless the customer’s financial position has changed.

Loan Market Go documents updated to incorporate recent changes:

1.       Progress Drawdown Request Form

2.       Clients Request Form Redraws and Transfers

3.       Top Reasons to use us

4.       Top Submission Tips

5.       What Happens Next