Edition #2

New Record

Record breaking month

December saw Loan Market brokers settle more loans than ever before. This is an important milestone and is a testament to the hard work all our brokers are putting in. Even with the uncertainty surrounding some major lenders increasing their interest rates, we were still able to have such a successful month. Well done!



Facebook advertising is a great way to reach more of the right people. There are a couple of different options you have when investing in Facebook including boosted posts and adverts. To learn more about how to choose between the two and how to learn how to setup your campaign click here

Best is not best - words banned by compliance

Best is not best - words banned by compliance

See here for a full list of words to avoid as well as what you can say instead. It should also be noted that words used must be capable of verification and substantiation. For example, don’t use absolutes such as ‘You will never find a better deal’ as you can obviously not guarantee it.

The Marketing Team are proficient in writing content without these words and also run collateral through Compliance so they can help you make sure what you are saying won’t cost you a fine from ASIC. Fines can be up to $220,000 for an individual. If you have anything you are unsure about, send it through to marketing@loanmarket.com.au to be sure you are staying compliant.

PD Days

Personal development days kick off today starting with NT. Contact your state administrator to RSVP to the event in your state so you don’t miss out on corporate updates and sessions designed to increase your productivity in the next couple of months.

See the full list of dates below:

NT: 31st Jan
WA: 1st Feb
SA: 3rd Feb
QLD: 8th Feb
VIC: 10th Feb
NSW: 28th Feb