Edition 29

Connect speaker announced!

Dr Nguyen, TV writer and presenter, biomedical engineer and technology futurist

The latest Connect speaker to be announced is internationally renowned engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen who designs life-changing technologies that are intelligent, futuristic and inclusive, and are made to transform the lives of people with disabilities. Find out more about Dr Nguyen here

With less than 100 early bird tickets left for Connect. Don’t miss out on the special early bird ticket price. Tickets at the discounted rate of $645 per person are available until sold out. Get yours here.

Refinance Campaign

The refinance campaign is in full swing and our best brokers are using it to generate new leads. It's also a great tool to reactivate your cold leads. Run your own local refinance campaign using the how-to guide provided in the broker toolkit.

Download the campaign toolkit to get started here.

Send that pre-approved feeling to their phone!

Pre-Approved text messages are a great way of keeping in touch with your clients and keeping them motivated on the house hunting journey. Use these updated messages in Springboard to remind your client of your services and to contact you along the way if they require assistance.

Get started here

Your new brand!

It’s time to start owning the new branding. New email signature, business cards, pull up banners, A-frames and social media assets are just the start of what’s now all available. Check it all out below

Broker email Signature

We have a new email signature available with our new logo. You can jump into LMG Central now (use the same username and password as your email) and update it. It's pretty simple to update, just fill in the details relevant to you and click 'update your signature' at the bottom.

Now available on Print Force

(brokers to use your existing logins). If your unsure about your login details, please contact your state admin to assist.

    • Business cards
    • Generic with and without photo
    • 6 taglines available
    • Dual branded with Ray White
    • Dual person (managers and key staff (e.g. PA/CSM)
  1. Compliments slips
  2. Presentation folder

Now available on Print UI

  1. Business card - generic, no photo
  2. Pull up banners
  3. A-Frames


We’ve made it easy, with instructions and new assets available here:
Download your social media assets Instructions for updating your social media branding

We’ll be releasing more refreshed marketing materials over the coming weeks, so look out for the next version of BluePrint for links to the updated materials. Any questions, fire them through to: marketing@loanmarket.com.au

Wisr rebrand PLUS two super offers

On 13 March 2018 Direct Money changed their name to Wisr. Below is the update from the team at Wisr on why they changed their name and how to get in contac

This name change gives us a platform to deliver changes to our existing product, new products and awesome customer experiences that provide a fair way to financial wellness for all Australians. We aim to be the undisputed leader in this space in Australia, assisting our broker partners to deliver outstanding outcomes for their clients, and we now have a brand, vision, technology and team in place to deliver on that potential. It’s exciting for all of us.

How does the name change impact me and my Wisr accredited brokers?

  • We’re the same company with a new name. Pretty simple! Wisr continues to offer a great, low fee, low rate unsecured personal loan product
  • Brokers can continue to access the Wisr loan application form using previously- issued weblink and personalised Pass Codes
  • Payment of your fees and/or commissions through aggregators will continue as normal.

How do you contact the Wisr team?

You can contact the Wisr team via email at contact@wisr.com.au or give our Broker support team a call on 1300 992 007, plus see more from the brand here. Your State and National BDM team are always ready to help.

Thank you for your ongoing support. A new Wisr journey has started and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

To celebrate DirectMoney re-branding as Wisr, they have two super, wiser, offers:

  1. 90 minute turnaround on all packaged Wisr loan applications
  2. 2% off the interest rate of any Big 4 personal loan being refinanced, subject to Wisr’s usual credit criteria.

See Video

Click here for Terms and Conditions

MyCRM rollout in full swing

Just over 40 per cent of the network have moved to our new Customer Relationship Management system and are loving the ease of use and availability on mobile.

The Online Fact Find is having a big improvement in productivity for those that are using it. Brokers are loving how easy it is to use for their customers, as the fact find asks just one question at a time and breaking down the complex process into understandable bites. Plus, customers can do everything; even upload their documents making it easier for you to get the applications process for lodgement.

And, next month another new feature!

The LMI comparison calculator will be released - stay tuned!

To take advantage of these exciting features, please speak to your State BDE or Administrator if you have not yet started your migration process.

MYCRM on Springboard

Want to know your conversions in MyCRM? It's super easy! Check out this hack to know more!

New content; You’ve got blogs!

We know finding time to write blogs can be tough. So, we're now sharing all relevant Loan Market corporate blogs on broker websites.

What does this mean?

Just like with the recent refinance campaign, blogs written and compliance checked by Loan Market corporate will appear on your website's blog at the same time as they appear on the Loan Market website. You can share these blogs on your Facebook page driving potential customers back to your website.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Really, you don't need to do anything. We'll be sharing these blogs on all broker websites by default. If you don't want these blogs on your website you can opt out by following these instructions.

In the future, we're going to be able to enable you to turn off certain blogs you don't want on your website, but for now, it's all blogs or no blogs. We'll keep you updated on this as our development wizards work their magic.

What sort of blogs will you be sharing?

We'll be sharing blogs aimed at our four key customer segments (refinancers, first home buyers, investors and movers). Some of our latest blogs include:

Fair Work Act Amended

Although you are not employed directly by Loan Market, we all work under the Loan Market name, and that brings with it certain standards.

At the end of October 2017, the Federal Government amended the Fair Work Act to strengthen protections for vulnerable workers. A significant change to the act now holds franchisors responsible for certain contraventions of the Act by their franchisees. Accordingly, Loan Market has introduced a Fair Work Policy with which all franchisees must comply as part of their Franchise Agreement.

We invite all members of our business to review Loan Market’s Fair Work Policy which can be downloaded here and is also available on MyCRM under the Resources Section.

As part of Loan Market's commitment to ensuring compliance within our network, we have established the email address fairwork@loanmarket.com.au.

You may contact Loan Market through this avenue to raise non-compliance after you have raised it with your employer and made a genuine attempt to resolve any issue. We believe that there is generally a high level of compliance with Fair Works laws within the Loan Market Network and will work with our franchisees and their staff to resolve any issues that may arise.

If you have questions, please contact fairwork@loanmarket.com.au

Resilience Hack!

Can we go further by slowing down? Can our business improve by unplugging? Sound too good to be true? Michael Licenblat CEO of Bounce back fast tells us how.

Watch here!

New Home Now rewards scheme

The Loan Market Home Now programme operates a client services framework that is very similar to mortgage brokering, where the only difference is that we do it for the energy market place.

We assist your customer in 5 ways:

  1. We analyse your clients' energy needs for their new home
  2. Help them compare providers across the marketplace, including rates and features
  3. Facilitate their final choice of energy retailer
  4. Ensure their services are connected with their chosen retailer
  5. And, Home Now follows strict industry and compliance guidelines to ensure best practices are maintained

Be the Modern Day Branch Manager

This is a unique service offered to Loan Market Home Now customers and most importantly, you will have ensured not only a great mortgage lender for your customer but a great energy retailer too.

Plus Home Now will share with you all of our discussions and outcomes with your clients, so you are never in the dark.

Rewards Scheme:
In addition to providing a first-class service to your clients, we will also be introducing a rewards scheme for you and your business.
This means that for every customer we successfully connect, $30 will be earned by you to help offset your existing business running costs.

So hop on board now and get started.

Please contact sarah.chapman@loanmarkethomenow.com.au for more information or visit https://homenow.loanmarket.com.au/ to experience the great customer offering.

Submitting a Loan Market Go loan just got easier

We’ve got great news.

We are pleased to let you know that we’ve made it even easier and faster to apply for and settle a Loan Market Go home loan.

Digital Verification of Identity

Introducing IDyou and ZipID – two new Verification of Identity (VOI) apps to conveniently collect your customers’ identification information. The choice is yours.

With these apps, you can capture and submit your customer’s identification credentials at your fingertips. And there is no cost to you or your customers.

Digital document send and sign

Your customers can now receive most documents electronically, sign them digitally, and instantly submit back for verification and processing. Digital signatures for mortgage documents are currently only accepted for New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia properties.

Save as much as five business days from the loan process and minimise signing errors or missing documents, with digital send and sign. You’ll also have improved visibility with notifications alerts sent to you.

Visit the Advantedge Digital Home Loan Hub to find out more and get access to these tools.

ANZ to suspend consumer asset finance in Australia

Statement from ANZ:

"ANZ has announced it will suspend providing new secured asset finance loans for retail customers in Australia while it undertakes a detailed review of its business. Consumer asset finance includes loans provided for motor vehicles, boats and caravans for retail customers. The announcement covers both direct and broker originated channels. ANZ will continue to service its existing consumer asset finance customers and will continue to provide customers with access to personal loans during the suspension. Its asset finance product for commercial customers is not impacted by this announcement. ANZ Managing Director Retail Distribution Catriona Noble said: “Given the increased technology costs required to effectively compete in the secured consumer asset finance market, we have decided to suspend all new loans while we conduct a detailed review of the business."

“Our secured consumer asset finance product represents less than one per cent of revenue within our broader Australian business, so we need to assess if it is better for our customers, shareholders and employees if we focus our investment on areas of our business that are core to what we do. "Providing asset finance solutions for commercial customers remains a core business for ANZ and we will also continue to service existing retail customers for the duration of their loans," Ms Noble said.

The suspension of new loans is effective 30 April 2018. The review is expected to be completed by 30 September 2018."

New Wealth Market customer care process to look after your clients

Wealth Market now has dedicated Customer Care staff to look after your clients and book in their appointments with your Wealth Market financial advisers. Customer Care calls all referrals within 24 hours, books and confirms their appointment details including what to bring. They also keep brokers updated on contact with your clients. Our Customer Care team has been operating for a couple of months and is receiving great feedback from clients and brokers.

Download our Wealth Market Customer Care Process to learn how it works.

What brokers are saying...

"We have been using Wealth Market for nearly a year now and have noticed a remarkable difference in the last 2-3 months. During this time Rachel Walker has been contacting our referred clients directly and liaising with them to book in a time with our Wealth Market Adviser - (the gorgeous) Simon. The first contact, to appointment rate, has increased significantly and we are aware of each stage of where our clients are at. The feedback around clients experience with the process has also been positive. We look forward to meeting Rachel and hearing about her process to secure so many appointments! Something we could all learn from.”
Sarah Thomson, Loan Market Geelong, VIC

"The new Wealth Market Customer Care program through Loan Market is a refreshing and welcomed change. I now feel totally updated and know exactly what communication is being presented to my referred clients. It gives me the confidence to continue referring my clients to such an important part of the holistic loan process. Well done Wealth Market!"
Sandra Mallia, Loan Market Port Melbourne, VIC

If you have any questions or feedback on Wealth Market’s Customer Care, please call 1800 011 471 or email enquiries@wealthmarket.com..

LINK 2017 Winner’s dinner

One month. Thousands of appraisals, leads and appointments.A referral programme to enhance the customer experience at every stage of their journey.

LINK 2017 saw you supercharge your relationships with your clients by referring them to businesses within the White Family Group. Last week, we took those LINK winners to the Ray White Shed for a dinner under the stars and a mentoring session with the White Family and Mark McLeod, CEO Growth.

Congratulations to Lyndal Linkin, Marios Rokka, Martin Beanland, Lindsey Sawtell, Brendan Gibb and Matt Arnold.

How Google MyBusiness can boost your business!

Google MyBusiness explained!

What are Google MyBusiness listings?

These are business listings that appear when searched in Google and provide information about a business.

Listings appear when someone searches for something relevant to your business, when they are also in a similar location, or when searching for a business in a specific location.

These listings allow you to share a little more about your business with the person searching for you, such as photos, opening hours and contact details.

They take up large areas of the search results page, distracting users from looking at other results, which in turn may mean that you end up landing a lead over a competitor - woohoo!

Once you have a listing you can also start generating reviews through Google, which will appear on your listing. Reviews are becoming more and more important, typically consumers read 7 reviews before trusting a business and need at least a 4 star rating before they choose a business*.

Case study: Sarah Thomson, VIC broker

Sarah has seen great results since using Google reviews including:

  • An increase in Google traffic to her website
  • Over 50 reviews since May 2017
  • The percentage of settled loans that Sarah’s team have received from Google have increased:
    • 30% of settled loans in November came from Google traffic compared with 0% in April when they weren’t utilising Google Reviews

What are you waiting for? Get started with this Google MyBusiness fact sheet!