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Converting leads to customers.

Want to improve your conversion rate or are you struggling to maintain momentum in your pipeline? This new 8-week course hosted by SalesITV is a must.

Training outcomes:

Ethically use psychological triggers to be more effective in sales conversations

  • Learn the 6C Meeting Strategy that details proven techniques to move prospects beyond a quote request
  • Accelerate pipeline velocity with a proven framework for building commitment, motivating decisions and converting stalled deals.
  • Close more deals and win more business with 14 specific proven closing strategies

Training delivery:

Full-day Conversion Bootcamp
Learn how to apply the strategies and techniques for converting more deals

  • 6x Online Training Videos Embed your learning with 6-month access to 85+ minutes of power-packed video training content, notes and 50+ strategies
  • Outcome-focused Cohort Sessions Collaborate with your peers to share and learn from experiences in-the-field with facilitated discussions over 8 weeks

Your host, Dean Mannix from @ SalesITV. came highly recommended by Matt lawler and has certainly made his mark in the sales training space. Working in over 25 Countries in sales performance and service as a coach, his strategies have worked for tens of thousands of people and successful companies such as Oracle, News Corporation, Goldman Sachs and Macquarie Bank.

Register your interest by completing the form here and emailing to learning@loanmarket.com.au

Loan Market hit it out of park

At Loan Market we take complaints and customer service extremely serious. We want our clients to have nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings when they think of us.

So that’s why we are over the moon that our external dispute resolution provider, Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO), has published their annual report in which Loan Market Brokers have excelled!

The report covering the last Financial Year showed only 3 new complaints were raised across the entire network (and over 30,000 loans). Further to this, 10 existing complaints were resolved, 7 in favour of Loan Market.

No findings were made by CIO against Loan Market and 3 matters were settled by mutual agreement.

The cause of the matters that required settlement included, inappropriately charging fees; penalties incurred due to settlement delays; and a deposit lost where a broker indicated finance would be obtained.

In the context of engaging with over 30,000 customers during this period the low level of complaints is a huge endorsement to the professionalism of our network. Well done.

If you have a customer complaint or a compliance question please contact compliance@loanmarket.com.au

Be a Best Practice Pro.

Regulation and compliance changes happen fast and there's plenty to stay across. And for good reason, there’s a lot at risk…your accreditation, your business and your livelihood.

It’s essential you know your responsibility to your clients, and what’s required of you so you are operating to the highest possible standards.

Complete the Best Practice Pro course on Springboard. It’s just one short course, broken into 3 sections. 36 questions.

Deadline is Friday 14 September 2018.

It’s compulsory.

What you’ll learn:

  • The most current, best practice standards in the industry
  • How to apply best practice standards in your day-to-day business
  • How files are audited
  • What’s required of you to be a best practice broker or CSM

NOTE : This is so important that there will be consequences for not completing the Best Practice Pro course.

Miss the cut off date for completing the 36 question course and your commission run will be put on hold until you’ve completed it.

Who needs to complete the Best Practice Pro course? Everyone.

Want to ace the course?

Watch this presentation before you take the Best Practice Pro course so you’re well prepared.

First Home Buyer campaign launched

Want to reach first home buyers? The first home buyer marketing campaign is now available and armed with content relevant for the newbie marketplace.By following our easy steps below you'll have the campaign up and running in no time. 

Get started today by downloading the campaign toolkit from Springboard here.

Attract first home buyers with email marketing. Log into Campaign Breeze here

How to use the first home buyer ebook and landing page

Build word of mouth like a boss - On your bike, old school letterbox drop. Login to PrintUI to personalise your flyers.

Tips to attract first home buyers through referral partners

Questions? For questions contact marketing@loanmarket.com.au

Opinion: Is Cyber security rocket science?

It’s a typical weeknight and you find yourself ‘browsing’ the net. You aren’t thinking of the risks as you click away – you have antivirus software after all. All of a sudden you get a message from Microsoft, making your heart sink. You’ve been hit with ransomware.

But all is not lost – a number from tech support pops up, your saviour. You call and after a short chat, follow the easy instructions to give them remote access to your computer. For just a small fee, you now have the issue resolved and new anti-ransomware software installed.   

Days pass. You haven’t given it another thought until you see a news segment about online scams. Interestingly, there are similarities to your call with the ‘tech support’. You almost choke on your coffee, realising that you have been duped.

An increasing number of media reports highlight businesses – both large and small – experiencing some form of cyber security incident. Talking to our network about cyber security, it’s evident that there is also some confusion about what is needed to protect your business and how you can do cost effectively.

Cyber security is a large field and there are many players. We hear about the bad players – the evil doers that try to gain access to our systems. However, we don’t often hear of the good players – those IT providers and individuals in our community that help improve and protect the systems and practices of our businesses. There are many of these currently servicing our franchise community and they should be applauded for their good work.

Just as selling a residential loan is not the same as selling a boat, we still need to be vigilant that the advice our businesses are receiving is relevant and effective. Just because your wireless internet is setup and working, doesn’t necessarily mean it has been effectively secured. We have unfortunately seen instances where poor advice and lack of appropriate systems maintenance resulted in lost data or funds.

There are many strategies to help secure your business however it’s important to understand that cyber security doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Just like insurance, one size does not fit all and there are many options depending on the size and makeup of your business. Understand the systems and data that you own or maintain, what the impact to your business would be if they were lost or stolen, and size your response appropriately. Remember, simple strategies can be very effective. Your current provider should be able to walk you through this process.

And remember, cyber security is a team sport. It’s not enough just to install some software and then forget about it. We all need to be on constant lookout, whether it be an email that doesn’t look quite right or someone you don’t recognise walking through your office. If in doubt, ask!

When’s the last time your IT provider reported on the cyber health of your business?

If you’re concerned or unsure of your current provider, we’re happy to help and are able to provide some alternatives if you’re not happy with your current provider’s level of service.

Simon Horn

Chief Information Security Officer

Home Now partners with Woolworths.

Home Now has partnered with Woolworths Online to offer your clients an exclusive discount on groceries. Your clients can now save 10 per cent off their Woolworths online grocery shop or receive 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points when spending $100 or more in a single transaction. A great way to help your clients save when they’re moving house and part of the Home Now Check In service

The service is all about helping your clients make savings on the running costs of their new home. With over 20 utility service providers on the panel Home Now can help your clients, compare, connect and save on their utility services to make sure their home running costs are as efficient as possible.

Home Now is here to give your clients an exceptional customer experience and make their life (and moving house) that little bit easier.

If you’re not already using Home Now and would like to get started please email support@loanmarkethomenow.com.au

Have the ‘Financial Freedom’ chat.

Whatever your clients goals are in life a Wealth Market financial adviser can help them with a plan to get there. The new Wealth Market Financial Freedom brochure is available now to support your client conversations. It explains how a financial adviser can help your clients, when to get financial advice, the advice services available, an outline of the client advice journey and how to get started.

Download the new Wealth Market Financial Freedom brochure available now on Print UI.


For questions contact marketing@loanmarket.com.au

From volume to revenue card

As announced by Loan Market Executive Chairman, Sam White at the recent PD Days, Loan Market has introduced a revenue fee card, which calculates your Facilitation Fee based on the revenue you earn in your Loan Market Franchise as well as revenue you generate for the wider Loan Market Group.

Want more information? Click here.

If you would like to opt in to the new fee card or require any further information on this, please contact agreements@loanmarket.com.au

Reusable branded shopping bags now available

With the recent changes to single use plastic bags, this is a great opportunity to purchase Loan Market branded reusable shopping bags. Why not set up in your local shopping centre and get to know your community.

View and purchase all Loan Market merchandise here.

Landlord insurance vs body corporate insurance?

Some investors may think they don't require any landlord insurance when their property is part of a body corporate. However it's important to know what is and isn't covered when a property forms part of a strata title.

Body corporate insurance generally covers common property, body corporate assets and public risk, but what it doesn't cover are your fixed contents such as carpet, blinds, furnishings and other structural components that are not insurable by the body corporate.

The big difference

Loan Market Landlord Insurance covers an investors property for their fixed contents during insured events such as fire, smoke, storm, theft, burglary or housebreaking as well as covering rental costs up to 52 weeks if the property becomes uninhabitable due to an insured event. There is also an option to add Rent Default to provide cover when a tenant ceases their rental payments or steals from the property.

To find out more about the differences between the two insurances or any of our Loan Market Insurance products, your Concierge Account Managers would love to explain this in more detail.  

P: 1800 14 20 20

E: concierge@loanmarket.com.au

Firstmac now on panel for Asset Finance.

Firstmac is now able to offer Consumer and Commercial Car loans to Loan Market brokers.

Some of Firstmac’s key points of difference are:

  • Consumer car loans available
  • Commercial short form (Lo Doc)
  • no asset backing required & deposit not mandatory
  • Simple criteria. 3 years Self-employed and pass credit score
  • Green Car discount 0.70% discount (eligible low emission vehicles)
  • Midterm refinance available for consumer
  • No ongoing account keeping fees
  • Low early exit fees (Consumer/Commercial)
  • No pricing differential for asset backed or not


If you are interested in knowing more or accreditation complete the Firstmac Sub Broker Form here and email to the contact below.

For more information

Contact Tim Lorenz on 0402 897 065 or email tim.lorenz@firstmac.com.au

Plus access all the Firstmac flyers here