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Updated broker support services agreement

You may have seen an update from the team advising of changes to the Broker Support Services agreement. In order for you to keep using the service, you’ll need to sign and return the updated agreement by the end of March. From the 1st of April, the team won’t be able to process any applications for you without a new agreement.

The agreement will cover off the new fee model, taking into account the new settlement process we have on offer.

The agreement will be sent out by the agreements team via DocuSign which can be completed and returned online. You should receive this in the next couple of days if you have not received it already. If you have any questions please contact agreements@loanmarket.com.au

Enhanced loan protection offering for homebuyers

ALI have listened to your feedback and enhanced their Loan Protection Plan to provide your clients with improved cover whilst maintaining affordability.

What’s changed?

The biggest change made is that the Involuntary Unemployment cover will be extended from one year to five years. This is from the policy start date and there’s no increase in premiums. This will provide your clients with more opportunities to claim and benefit from a loan protection plan, and in turn, it’s expected that Involuntary Unemployment claims will increase five-fold.

We’ve also introduced an optional Accidental Injury Benefit which provides up to three months of cover for disabling injuries where a person cannot work for more than 30 days.

Lastly, there has been a brand refresh including a new tagline: protecting home and property buyers. The new tagline aims to put the home-buyer at the heart of everything they do.

To see the new Loan Protection Plan, click here.

Hear from Sarah Thompson who says “we give people debt, we need to be able to protect it at the same time”. Click on the video to hear more from Sarah, including her personal tips and experiences with loan protection.

For more information, talk to your ALI Group BDM or visit the website here.

Meet our new Technical Support Officer

Jason has an extensive background in IT and we are very excited to have him on-board.

To get to know Jason a little better we’ve asked him a few questions...

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: I love spending time with my son Cooper, and partner Kelly. I DJ for weddings and private functions on the weekends. I love to fly my drone, however I need to stop landing them in the pool.

Q: What is your favourite movie & TV series?

A: Soul Plane and all of the Underbelly series'.

Q: If you could be any office stationery equipment in the office, what would it be and why?

A: An expensive Parker pen. To keep things classy.

Remember, for any support issues please reach out to Jason on (02) 9249 3772 or support@loanmarket.com.au