Edition #8

Introducing the Loan Market calculator app

The app is now available for Android devices on Google Play and will be available for Apple devices through the Apple Store by the end of the month. The calculators are designed to give the user rough estimates so that they can then speak with a broker for more options.

The app will allow users to:

  • Find out how much they can borrow
  • Calculate loan repayments
  • Compare loans
  • Determine a budget
  • Calculate Stamp duty
  • Work out income tax
  • Calculate savings
  • See how extra repayments will help their loan
  • See how a lump sum would help their loan

To download the app, just search ‘Loan Market calculators’ in Google Play or Apple App Store.

Moula is now part of our Asset Finance lending panel

Moula has strategic partnerships with Xero, Officeworks and Liberty and was recently voted the best “Cash Flow & Debtor Finance Lender” by the broker community in the latest non-bank survey conducted by The Adviser.

Moula offers unsecured facilities from $5,000 to $250,000 for up to 12 months. By analysing a business’ data, Moula provides responsible funding with minimum fuss, it takes only 10 minutes to apply for a loan online.

To learn more, Moula’s CEO, Aris Allegos, will be hosting a webinar to discuss how Moula can help your clients. Aris will also discuss an important issue confronting all businesses in 2017: the ATO’s recent announcement on tax arrears and its impact on credit scores.

WHEN: Wednesday, 17 May at 11:00AM AEST

WHO: Aris Allegos (CEO, Moula)


How can you benefit from Wealth Market?

QLD broker Sharon Smithers decided to try Wealth Market for herself. She was particularly surprised about the potential cash flow benefits of tailored, personal protection advice.

“I didn’t realise they could structure some of it through my super! Cash flow is always important - especially as a business owner and that was a great option for me. It could impact a lot of my clients.”

Sharon is ready to introduce more clients to Wealth Market, now she really understands the benefits they’ll get.

“Paul was really great - he identified all the issues and explained the options and I’m very happy with the final outcome. He also raised other estate planning considerations and I’m following-up on those now.”

Ready to discuss your Personal Protection needs with a Wealth Market adviser? We’re here to help you and your clients. Contact us today at enquiries@wealthmarket.com for more information.

Compliance corner

We are excited to introduce two additional members of the compliance team:

Louie Runco - Louie joins us with extensive experience from time spent at both CBA and AFG. He has held various senior roles within these organisations with an extensive focus on broker review and process enhancement.

Vanessa Swilks-Hahn - Vanessa brings experience in broker support and was previously at Aussie Home Loans. Vanessa is also currently undertaking legal studies.

With the addition of Louie and Vanessa we are continuing to expand our team to ensure that we provide the right support to the broker network.

New starters in the corporate team

See below to get to know our new team members a little more :

Gwen Parker

Gwen has joined our team in the Philippines as Country Manager. As our Broker Support program continues to grow, Gwen will focus on managing the team and seeing future growth in the program. In addition to managing the Broker Support program, Gwen will work closely with other business units that have staff in Manila.

Gwen is a British expat and has significant experience in a similar operation based in Manila in the mortgage industry and will be a great asset to Loan Market.

In her ongoing capacity as the Broker Support Team Leader, Jenny Juban will still be a contact point for the Broker Support team for matters such as sign up, questions, trial periods, reporting etc. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jenny for her hard work and efforts in developing all aspects of operations in Manila over the past two years.

1. What do you like/not like about working in the Philippines?

My favourite part about working here are the people I've met. Everyone is always so friendly and genuinely happy to help. The early starts can be a killer though, I did some work for New Zealand previously and I never quite got used to the 4am start time!

2. What are some of your hobbies?

I love to travel, there are so many amazing countries that are just a short hop away from Manila so I've been very lucky to be able to go out and explore places I probably wouldn't have seen if I hadn't moved here. I also enjoy reading so being on an exotic beach somewhere with a good book and maybe a cocktail in hand is my ideal day!

3. What is your favourite movie?

Pretty much anything with Superheroes in it, especially the early X-Men films.

4. If you could be any office stationery equipment in the office, what would it be and why?

I'm a bit of a Maths geek so I'd probably have to go with a calculator!

Antonia Sheil

Please welcome the lovely Antonia who has joined our group and is currently heading up the Loan Market Marketing team.

Antonia (who prefers to be called Tones) brings with her a wealth of marketing knowledge from both B2B and B2C marketing roles. Antonia's experience spans across campaign management, social and digital media, communications, collateral as well as marketing and brand strategy.

We are excited to have Tones join our team and have quizzed her to get to know her a little bit better. Here’s what she had to say;

1. What’s your impression of the team so far?

I have a great team who have made me feel very welcome from the get-go. They make me laugh on a daily basis which I love. My only criticism is they do encourage my chocolate addiction!

2. What’s your all time favourite song?

Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

3. Favourite pass time?

Reading my book on the beach

4. If you could be any vegetable what you be and why?

Kale because I live in Bond-ai ;)