Edition #9

Referral booklet available now

Need a hand starting conversations with potential referral partners? We’ve created a booklet highlighting the benefits of partnering with a Loan Market broker which illustrates our value proposition.

This booklet was designed to showcase the commitment we have at Loan Market to providing clients with a great customer experience. In turn your referral partners will be comfortable suggesting you to their contacts.

We’ve worked on two versions of the booklet, a generic which can be used with any referral partner, and a Ray White specific booklet which can be used when meeting with a Ray White office.

Click below to see the booklet.

Generic booklet
Ray White booklet

First Home Buyers Super Saver Scheme campaign

During the Federal Budget, it was announced that the Super Saver Scheme would be introduced to help first home buyers get onto the property ladder. We’ve created some tools to help you communicate this to your customers.

See campaign here

Springboard is currently in pilot and will be available to all soon

We’re excited to announce that Springboard, our new learning management system has begun rolling out across our network. If you don't already have access within your state, it won't be long before you can start using this tool as we begin to import users on a state-by-state basis.

The new platform will give you the opportunity to enroll in webinars and courses, explore training content and listen to topical podcasts on various channels such as tech Tips, Sam's updates, sales & business and more. You will also be able to complete Loan Market Way learning modules to test and reinforce your knowledge.

Keep an eye out for further progress announcements and user demonstrations that will be available at your PD Day.

For more training resources see the ‘Training’ section of Blue Print for a list of upcoming webinars.

Loan Market Go survey results

We're proud to share some of the fantastic results of the recent Loan Market Go broker satisfaction survey. The online survey was conducted in March among our brokers who wrote Loan Market Go loans in the last six months.

Overall the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Loan Market brokers indicated they value the following from Loan Market Go:

  • Simplicity of product offering
  • Access to credit managers & strong service
  • BDM knowledge and assistance
  • No channel conflict
  • Client ownership
  • Trustworthiness

Take a look at the survey summary results here. We're committed to continually providing you with a simple, quality product with great service.

Contact your Loan Market Go BDM for more information about how Loan Market Go can help you and your customers.

Wealth Market protect video

Wealth Market have created a video to illustrate the importance of personal protection. A special thanks to Mike Burton for sharing his personal story.

You’ll soon be able to share this video with clients, highlighting the importance of Personal Protection advice for everyone, particularly when considering a property purchase.

This recent article in The Adviser also spells out exactly why working with Wealth Market, and ensuring your clients are personally advised, is so important for you and them.

It explains how the service is completely complementary to your own, and will help you to stand out as an elite broker in the marketplace and diversify your revenues. Read it here now.

Record number of brokers writing Asset Finance in April

April saw a record number of Loan Market brokers across Australia writing Asset Finance. With more and more brokers offering Asset Finance it’s worth being aware of the correct process when finalising loans.

As seen in the last month, Asset Finance is growing and fast becoming a part of many Loan Market businesses. As this continues to grow, it’s important to remember three crucial steps when doing Asset Finance deals:

  1. Complete and send a copy of the Loan Market tax invoice when submitting all other supporting documents to the lender for settlement.
  2. Send a copy of the Loan Market tax invoice to commissions@loanmarket.com.au
  3. Update Symmetry

The following resources can be found on the asset finance website including a copy of the Loan Market tax invoice under Resources - forms and templates.

Any queries can be sent directly to assetfinance@loanmarket.com.au

Introducing Susanna Palapoidos, Asset Finance Specialist - VIC

Susanna comes from a banking and finance background where she specialised in Asset Finance for around 10 years, working predominantly in credit for major lenders like NAB, Macquarie Leasing and Bankwest in Melbourne and Perth.

Susanna joined Loan Market as the Asset Finance Specialist for Victoria after two years as the National Business Development Manager of FAST Asset Finance. Susanna will work actively with the Victorian team to aid and support business growth needs.

On a personal note, Susanna graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Living in the country's most caffeine crazed cities, Susanna has a passion for good coffee and in her spare time enjoys exploring the many new cafes in Melbourne. Her other interests include travel, social media, fitness and fashion.

Loan Market calculators

The Loan Market calculator is now available for Apple devices. You can download the app by searching ‘Loan Market calculators’ in the Apple store.

The app is now available for both Android devices on Google Play and for Apple devices through the Apple Store.

The calculators are designed to give the user rough estimates so that they can then speak with a broker for more options.

The app will allow users to:

  • Find out how much they can borrow
  • Calculate loan repayments
  • Compare loans
  • Determine a budget
  • Calculate Stamp duty
  • Work out income tax
  • Calculate savings
  • See how extra repayments will help their loan
  • See how a lump sum would help their loan

To download the app, just search ‘Loan Market calculators’ in Google Play or Apple App Store.