January 22nd 2019

Wealth Market referral status now tracked in MyCRM, so you never miss a beat.

Last year, we asked what we can do to improve the Wealth Market service offering. The most popular response from brokers; to keep you updated on the status of your client referrals and how they're tracking through the appointment and advice process. This is now possible through MyCRM.

The integration solution passes Wealth Market referral statuses and notes directly into MyCRM. You’ll also be able to send notes back to Wealth Market advisers and respond to queries in MyCRM.

You can view the lead status and notes in the 'Referral Partners' section in MyCRM. In 'Send Referrals', there are two new columns added, 'Notes' and 'Status'.

Any referral status update or new adviser note will also trigger an email to you with the update.

The MyCRM enhancement will go live on Friday, December 14. It will include a bulk upload of all leads sent in 2018. Notes and statuses for older leads sent in 2017 will become available over the coming weeks.

If you have any questions or feedback on the new functionality, please email mycrmsupport@loanmarket.com.au

Need an answer quick? Brokerpedia it!

In 2018, we joined forces with Brokerpedia, a third party tool which allows you to search policy information from a wide list of  lenders. You simply type in any key word or phrase and Brokerpedia will point you to the policies of the lenders that reference that word or phrase, or phrases which are similar.

Brokerpedia is now available for you to use through MyCRM and can be found under the Resources tab. There is a subscription cost of $10 +GST per user per month to access Brokerpedia.

Getting started
In the resources tab on MyCRM, simply click the link to Brokerpedia and you will be prompted to accept the Ts&Cs in order to subscribe to use the tool. Your franchise will then be billed by Loan Market in the following month.