July 23 2019

15 ways to save you time (and lots of it)

Loan Market’s specialist Broker Support Unit has expanded its services to help you win back more time! Not only do they offer data entry, lender follow-ups, valuation orders and settlement coordination between solicitors and lenders but now they also offer lodgement and pre-settlement! Three brokers are loving the offerings, read what they have to say.

Service provided: Lodgement Submission (NEW SERVICE)
Broker: John Serafini, SA 

“I started using the new broker lodgement service this year as I no longer have an administrative assistant.

“I found the service to be fast, efficient and accurate, and the team are always friendly and easy to deal with.

“Using the service has freed me from the mundane and time-consuming task of data entry and allows me to focus on the more important aspects of mortgage broking such as nurturing client relationships and delivering outstanding customer service.”

Service provided: Settlement Submission (end-to-end process)
Broker: Alfonso Ocon, VIC

“I find your group very professional and competent; from MyCRM data entry, AOL submission and up to settlement. 

“This has freed me from much of the desk work and liaison time with the bank required in my home loan submissions and provided me with more time to work with potential clients.

“I have submitted 6 loan applications through (BSU) since May 2019  and all have been unconditionally approved and with minimum desk work on my part. I can get work done even without a CSM.”

Service provided: Settlement Submission (end-to-end process)
Broker: Tristan Shepherd, SA

“The team is great to work with and efficient with having files processed to be ready for submission ASAP.

“I see great value with reducing the time I spend on each file and allowing the processing specialists to do their work - considering I don't have full-time CSM at the moment.”

Want to start saving time?

Contact Jenny Carla Braga at carla.braga@loanmarket.com.au of Jenny Juban on jenny.juban@loanmarket.com.au or call (02) 9246 2335.

WA customer wins $5,000 holiday

Loan Market and Ray White Concierge, in partnership with Allianz gave one lucky customer a chance to win a $5,000 holiday and the winners story is the perfect example of the Loan Market and Ray White families supporting customers together (ahh those feels!).

The lucky winner of the $5,000 holiday had the stars align in their favour. Thanh Van (Andrew) Le and Thi My Duyen Le from Western Australia were referred to Concierge by their long term Loan Market mortgage broker Greg La Brash and has also purchased their new home through Sean Durham from Ray White Whiteman & Associates.

The winners story.

Greg started his relationship with Andrew and Thi My when he organised their first home loan in June 2015. The couple remained a client of Greg’s and used his services again to arrange a debt consolidation in 2018 so they could get ahead to purchase another home. 

When it came time to turn their first home into an investment property and buy the home they wanted to live in, Andrew and Thi My’s borrowing capacity was tight and looking like they weren’t going to be approved. However the couples luck quickly turned around when Andrew was approached by his boss to apply for a new position and within days Andrew was promoted with a salary increase! This changed the application and they were given the green light!  

Greg was able to arrange the couples new loan through St George bank which had a promotion of receiving a $1,000 rebate. The day after Andrew called Greg so excited that he had received his rebate, Greg was able to tell Andrew that he had also won a $5,000 holiday. Andrew could not believe his luck. 

Our Concierge CEO Kelly Tatlow presented the award alongside their broker Greg, Loan Market State Leader Western Australian Ken Maclennan, Ray White agent Sean Durham and Ray White CEO for Western Australia, Mark Whiteman at the Ray White and Loan Market Corporate Office in WA.

The competition was open to Loan Market and Ray White clients only and as part of the campaign Concierge also donated $5,000 to Orange Sky Laundry Australia who help less fortunate homeless community members across the country.