March 19 2019

Why Loan Market Go is a lender on Bernard Desmond’s list

Loan Market Go has become a must-have on brokers' lender list. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • $0 annual fee for the life of the loan (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Fast refi - cut down the amount of time it takes to refi your clients
  • Scenario team to help workshop deals

Don't believe us? Hear how Loan Market Go helped Bernard Desmond and his clients.

"In this particular deal, I called the customer to tell them the good news and they were over the moon with the turnaround and service. With the help of Loan Market Go, I have reduced their home loan from 5.09% p.a to 3.69% p.a and also assisted them with this new purchase in record time. The fact that they have previous brand experience offers a great comparison for them to see the superior service at Loan Market Go. 

It's not only the service that was impressive, having called the real estate agent to let him know the outcome, his words were 'you're unbelievable mate, the only broker who hasn't asked for an extension on the finance clause, how did you do it?' My response; let's do coffee and I will educate you.' This is a new referral opportunity for me! 

My credit goes to everyone who works tirelessly behind the scenes at Loan Market Go for being extremely customer focused and assisting brokers to deliver great outcomesand services to our customers. 

I have always believed you sell on experience and service are not on rate. Customers will forget the rate in six months time, but they will always remember the experience you have provided them."

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