State of Play - November 25, 2019

Call-a-thon blog

Congratulations goes to Michael Nalesynic who has won this round of Call-a-thon! With 810 contacts to his database, Michael managed to not only save his customers thousands, but also managed to get himself a commercial refi and purchase totalling $2.8million!

Second place goes to Damien Page from NSW who made 268 contacts to database and saved clients $5200 per year.

Call-a-thon is a great excuse to do what you do best; connect with your clients. But you don't need to wait for the next one to roll around.

Challenge yourself every month to see how many existing clients you can contact - the opportunities this can bring are endless!

  1. Book some time in your calendar
  2. Download the toolkit below
  3. Familiarise and the team yourself with the 6 offers and the supporting material
  4. Pull together a list of who you want to call 
  5. Get calling! 

Scripts and dialogues - along with audio examples are on Springboard for you to use and to train your team to make those calls.