State of Play - October 1, 2019

Submit new enhancements, and vote on existing ones with Canny.

We all know that real change comes from the masses, and tech should be no different! You can now use canny to vote on your most pressing MyCRM requests, the more votes a post has, the more it gets bumped up into production! We’re on a mission to save you time and make you the most efficient broker you can be. We know MyCRM is your best friend when it comes to efficiency, but we also know it can be even better.

Canny is an inbuilt widget in MyCRM that allows you submit an enhancement, improvement or new feature request and the ability to vote on requests that have been submitted by others.

Watch the how-to video here.

Accessing canny
To access Canny, simply click on “Submit enhancements’ within the ‘Help and Support’ section on the left toolbar.

Once you’re on the page, you’ll see all the posts that you can sort by trending, top and new. Plus, you can filter posts by status, to see where you’re preferences are upto.

To access a post, just click on the post headline. Here you’ll see the status, description, screenshots and any comments. You can see who else has voted on this post, and also leave a comment if required. 

Voting and creating posts
To vote, simply click the number button with the ^ arrow. 

To create a new post, just fill out the Submit Enhancement form on the left hand side with a title and the details. 

Hot tip - someone may have already thought of your great idea! So before you submit, check the list of suggested posts while you type. To check for existing posts, use the search bar and start typing your suggestion. 

Plus, you’ll be notified every time someone leaves feedback on your post.

Please note that if you need to submit a bug or issue, please continue to use the purple support and feedback button in the bottom corner. 

Read the FAQs here.

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