First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a big step and it is important that you have an experienced mortgage broker to assist you through this process.

A good mortgage broker will ensure you find the right home loan and take advantage of all the benefits available to you, including the first home owners grant and any state government grants and concessions you are eligible for.

Alex Shumsky has worked with a lot of first home buyers and as such, has a very good understanding of your needs. To ensure the smoothest possible purchase, he works with you to identify the costs involved in buying your first property, establish how much you can borrow and of course which loan package suits your situation.

He ensures that your first home owners grant application is processed on time and made available for you at settlement.

Just as importantly, he works very closely with your solicitor and real estate agent to ensure the whole process continues to flow smoothly right up to settlement and beyond.

With clients that are buying their first home, Alex Shumsky takes many additional steps to ensure that the buyers are fully confident in the home loan they eventually choose.

I do lots of work with first home buyers and have a very good understanding of their needs. I completely understand how overwhelming a first property purchase can be. To ensure the smoothest possible purchase, I work closely with them to identify the costs involved, establishing their borrowing capacity with several different lenders and finding the loan package which best suits their personal situation. I make sure that understand the advantages and disadvantages of certain loan products. If needed I work closely with the buyers agent and solicitor to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. I also know all the in’s-and-out’s with VIC state based grants and concessions and make sure my clients maximise their savings and have everything processed on time. Alex Shumsky.

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