Self Employed

With the recent changes in lenders’ policies regarding self-employed applicants it is important to avoid numerous credit enquiries which are recorded in your credit file and then taken into account by lenders during credit assessment. My knowledge and understanding of company and trust tax returns will help me to suggest you a lender whose policies are the most favorable in your situation.

Alexander is one of the most diligent and hard-working people I’ve met. He always provides a level of service above and beyond from what any standard broker would provide. I’ve spent many hours talking to various brokers and none have impressed me as much as Alexander has. His communication skills are truly outstanding which have enabled him to really understand our financial needs. He has worked with us to establish new loans, refinance and restructure existing loans to deliver great financial outcomes in these volatile times. I highly recommend making the time to speak with Alexander about your personal and/or business loan needs.
David Gelman, PHR P/L, Bentleigh East VIC

Small Business and Commercial Companies/Enterprises

I have experience in arranging loans for small businesses as well as large commercial loans for big companies and different types of trusts. By closely working with your business accountant or financial planner I can help structure your business loan in a tax-effective way.

Alexander Heifetz really worked hard to make sure we got the finance we needed, often under difficult conditions set by the banks. He was endlessly patient, professional and courteous in all his dealings with us and ‘fought our corner’ very well to make sure that we got the finance we needed. I can recommend his services as an excellent broker.
David Reynolds, Raw Travel P/L, Sandringham VIC

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