Home Loans

I can help make finding a loan easier!

Buying property and obtaining a home loan is often the largest financial commitment most of us will have in our lifetime. It’s my role to guide you through this sometimes-complicated process and advise you on the most suitable product for your situation.

Regularly reviewing your home loan can often put you in a stronger position to pay off your home loan quicker. I can compare hundreds of home loans from over 30 lenders and give you knowledgeable guidance every step of the way – this will help you get the right product for your circumstances.

I've helped a wide array of both PAYG and Self Employed clients obtain their dream homes and refinance existing properties in both Australia and the United Kingdom for a number of years now. I’m mindful that obtaining a home loan can often be a stressful, time-consuming and daunting process. I have a strong focus on communication and customer service, and aim to make this process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Can a Pre-Approval help?

Yes – Getting a pre-approved home loan puts you in a much stronger and more confident position when going to open homes, auctions or discussing your requirements with real estate agents.

Benefits include:

1) Having the opportunity to discuss and review different lenders, loan options and budgeting.

2) Once a lender is chosen, they will check your credit history and alert us to any potential problems.

3) You will then learn what you are able to borrow and therefore have an idea of your price range. Please keep in mind that you will be advised of the maximum amount you can borrow, so always keep sight of your own comfort levels when reviewing home loan repayments.

4) Real estate agents and vendors will take you more seriously if you have a pre-approval letter and will be more willing to negotiate with you if you have evidence that you can obtain finance.

5) You will be able to act more quickly to obtain your dream property.

How much will it cost to use my services?

I provide a no fee and no obligation service. The lender we choose will pay me a pre-determined fee for introducing you.

I’m happy to visit you at a convenient location and at a time that suits you.

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