About Us

With more than 30 years' experience in Finance and Financial Markets industries, coupled with an 'above and beyond' client service philosophy, means Angus Galloway's clients have the best of all worlds when it comes to receiving quality mortgage advice. 

"Providing outstanding service to ensure that I deliver a great outcome that satisfies my clients at every level is integral to everything that I do," Angus said.
"Coupled with my strong knowledge base and extensive experience working in financial and interest rate markets, I'm able to help my clients make well-informed decisions on loan solutions that suit their individual needs.”

 Angus takes a long-term approach to working with his clients. 

"While the first priority is the initial loan, I'm focused on developing long-term relationships with my clients so they receive the very best service and advice for the life of their loan commitments," he said. 
"I think this is vitally important, recognising that not only can their personal circumstances and needs evolve, but that the home loan market is constantly changing." 

Angus also prides himself on his integrity, commitment, transparency and knowledge. He can assist a range of borrowers – particularly people looking to refinance or purchase their own property, and those wanting to start or grow their investment property portfolio, either as a direct investor or through their self managed super fund. 

Angus offers a fully mobile mortgage advisory service and is available to assist clients throughout metropolitan Sydney.