About Anitha Varghese

When people decide to buy a property, their first questions are generally “How much can I borrow?” and “Who will give me a home loan?”. Their research will generally start with some scouting around on the internet, and then a trip to their local branch that they have banked with for years.

The issue with searching online, is that even though a great rate might be advertised, the prospective buyer might not fit the policy for that product. The issue with going to your local branch, is that they can only provide you with their specific products, which may have a higher interest rate than the bank up the road. If you go to the bank up the road, you then have to give them your details all over again to see if they can help you.

Would it not be easier to go to one person, discuss your situation and objectives once, and then allow them to research their library of lenders, reduce the available options in a crowded marketplace to 3 or 4 products that are both competitively priced and suit your situation, and then allow you to make an informed decision on the one that suits you?

What if, after they did this research, that same person then collected all the information that the chosen lender required, submitted the application for you, and followed it through to settlement without you having to lift a finger?

And for doing all of this, they did not charge you a cent, as the bank pays them after the property has settled.

Sounds like a fantastic service to me!

Trust and dependability

Buying a new home is a crucial financial decision. Engaging the services of an expert with vast industry knowledge and access to a wide range of lending options can take the stress out of the whole process, allowing you to focus on finding the right property.

My passion is helping people. By understanding your needs and goals, I can put together strategies and solutions in a professional way to help you achieve them. It may be for a home loan, investment loan, construction loan, commercial finance, or car finance.

It doesn’t just stop with organising the finance either. My goal is to provide a holistic service, both up to settlement, and beyond. I can assist with loan protection insurance, home and contents insurance, utility connection services, and depreciation schedules for investment properties.

My goal is to educate my clients, implement a strategy to suit their requirements, and save them time and money by choosing the right product for their financial situation. I am accredited with more than 30 Australian lenders, including all the major banks, along with a large selection of second tier and non-conforming lenders, allowing solutions to a wide variety of financial situations. I do all the research, negotiate for you with different lenders after identifying your requirements, and guide you in the loan process from the beginning to achieve your financial goal.

The main area that I service is Liverpool, a major city centre in South Western Sydney, with a pleasing environment in which to live with your family, both now and in the future. If you need expert advice from a mortgage broker in Liverpool, Warwick farm, Miller, Holsworthy, Moorebank, Glenfield, Prestons, and surrounding areas, please free to contact me any time. I am available for house calls, or we’ll meet anywhere at a location convenient for you.

As a qualified professional mortgage broker, I can save time and point out the documents required by lenders in the loan process from pre approval to unconditional approval, settlement and beyond. I also have access to a wide range of services and tools to make the process easier, including credit reports and upfront property valuations.

Our products and services

• Residential home loans
• Refinancing
• Commercial Finance
• Auto Finance
• Personal Loans
• Equipment Finance
• Life Insurance & Income Protection
• Debt Consolidation