First Home Buyers

A recent Loan Market Survey found that the biggest hurdle for First Home Buyers to enter the market was a lack of savings and deposit.

If you’re in this situation please contact me as I pride myself on helping First Home Buyers set up savings goals to help them purchase their home. I am happy to chat to people and work with them even if they are not yet ready to purchase as having someone to work with always helps to reach your goal.

I recently helped a young couple who I met almost a year ago obtain pre approval to purchase their first home. When I first met them, they were keen to buy and had a small deposit saved. Unfortunately, they had a large number of other debts such as credit cards, personal loans and car loans so they would not be approved by any lender. Over the next 6 months, I helped them to consolidate and reduce their current debts down to a point where lenders were willing to provide them with a loan.

Loan market is professional, knowledgeable, contactable and quick to reply. It was our first home purchase investment property and was able to answer all our questions and provide important information about the process. She was able to organise our loan quickly to aid an early settlement. Very pleased and happy to recommend to all potential customers. It's awesome to have someone come over to your place rather than go into a bank. I even went to the brokers house real welcoming, friendly, helpful and every other positive word under the sun no complaints. They also inform you of other services they offer like tax depreciation schedules and home insurance & landlord insurances. It's not like going to any bank, its a broker finding you a loan you can get and a loan that suits you. I dealt with Asha long who was great. Thanks again - Chris, NSW

Contact me to discuss your situation as I lenders that specialise in providing loans to first home buyers.

During our first meeting I will go through the loan process with you as well as give you information on your borrowing capacity, repayments and exactly how much money you will need before you can purchase your first home.

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