With interest rates at a historical low it is a great time to think about refinancing.

People refinance for different reasons but everybody enjoys saving money and I have helped all my clients who have refinanced do that.

A client that I helped recently reduced her repayments by almost $45,000 over the first three years of her new loan due to the reduction in interest rate and loan term I negotiated for her. Her repayments were almost half what she was paying before she came to me.

When I help a client with a refinance I compare the total cost of the refinance including any exit fees on your existing loan as well as any fees to set up your new loan. Refinancing can free up your money for other investments, holidays or other life events such as having a baby.

I would recommend our mortgage broker, Asha Long of Loan Market, to anyone who is looking at refinancing a property loan or searching for a new home loan. This service is a no fuss one stop shop for all these requirements and the customer service is exceptional. Asha was always diligent with our loan refinancing needs. Nothing was ever a trouble and went above and beyond what you would expect from a service such as this. Congratulations to Asha and Loan Market. Colleen, NSW

I work with both your old lender and new lender to ensure the process is hassle free for you. Contact me for a free home loan check and see how much you could be saving!

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