About Asha Long

I am passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams

I purchased my first home when I was 24 and my first investment home when I was 26 so know the feeling of going through the purchasing process. I have a Degree in Business, majoring in Accounting and Management, am a member of the Chartered Practicing Accountants (CPA Australia) and MFAA accredited.

Save thousands when building your home

Building a home? If you opt to make your repayments as if the loan were fully drawn down it will not only put you in the habit of making the repayments but it can save you thousands of dollars in interest as you’re paying your loan down faster. Contact me to find out about great products available now.

Guiding You Through the Market

I have learnt that it is not always about the cheapest rate in the market. Depending on how a client manages their money on a daily basis, you need to check the associated fees and charges on a product as these can actually offset a cheaper rate.

There are hundreds of different loan products in the market today. A mortgage broker researches and understands what is available so that they can place the client in the best product for them both in the short term and long term.

Not all lenders provide the same products and services. Lenders specialise in different areas and client’s need to be placed with lenders that suit their needs. For example, some lenders are experts in construction loans. These lenders have dedicated teams to ensure the process is as hassle free as possible for the clients while they are building.

I believe in serving my clients for life, and this means that once you become a client, if I see something in the market that may benefit you I will let you know. The service is completely free so you really can’t lose as I can provide you with the same or better deal than all major banks and will compare the products for you. This saves you time and money.

I would recommend our mortgage broker, Asha Long of Loan Market, to anyone who is looking at refinancing a property loan or searching for a new home loan. This service is a no fuss one stop shop for all these requirements and the customer service is exceptional. Asha was always diligent with our loan refinancing needs. Nothing was ever a trouble and went above and beyond what you would expect from a service such as this. Congratulations to Asha and Loan Market. Colleen, NSW

How Can I Help You?

I want my clients to be able to come to me with confidence for all their financial needs, whether it’s a home loan, car loan or loan for their small business. I have a panel of 30 lenders including all major banks that gives me access to loans that will suit various situations. My business is based on customer referrals so it is important for me to make sure that all my client are happy with my service and that I exceed their expectations so that they refer me to their family and friends.

People with mortgages should always have an annual “health check” performed on their mortgage product. As the years go by, your needs and lifestyle change so the product you initially started with may not be the best product for you now or in the future. People think refinancing is difficult but if you speak to the right broker the process can be relatively simple and could save you thousands of dollars.

Some banks offer rebates to cover any switching costs and as products are constantly changing the small investment in time to have a meeting with me may be rewarded through savings in your mortgage over the longer term. Even if it’s just to find out whether your current lender is giving you the best deal, I’m happy to check this and let you know. You can then speak to your lender directly or I can do this for you and get you a better deal.


I believe in continuously educating myself to ensure that I am up to date with the latest information so I can use this to better serve my customers.

Most recently, I completed my Certificate 4 in Finance and Mortgage Brokering and am a full member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia.

I have always been passionate about numbers so have completed my Degree in Business from the University of Technology majoring in Accounting and Management with a Distinction Average.

To ensure that I am updated on any regulatory changes that may impact my clients I am also a member of CPA Australia which gives me access to the latest changes in tax laws and compliance.

What’s Hot Right Now

House and Land Packages in Sydney

With the first home buyers grant in NSW being applicable for construction and the purchase of brand new home there are a growing number of my clients wanting to take advantage of this while it is still available.

Although these loans are similar to the usual purchase loans, the critical thing to remember is that not all lenders will provide you with the same support and service during the construction period. For example, I know of situation where a delay in obtaining progress payments has cost the clients an additional year in construction time plus thousands in costs. Don’t let this happen to you, contact me for an obligation free discussion now.

Investment Loans in Campbelltown and South West Sydney

Did you know that south west Sydney has some of the best rental returns in NSW. Property prices are still lower than Sydney city prices but the rental is high due to the high demand in the area.

I have networks with local real estate agents in the Macarthur Area so can help you find an agent that will find the perfect investment for you. Having lived in the area for most of my life and owning investment property in the area means that I can provide you with information you will need when you start investing.

Whether you are an experienced property investor with a big portfolio, or just starting out with your first property, I can help you get the right investment loan for you.