About Us

What's holding you back from buying your first home or next dream home?

  • Don't know where to start?
  • Don't have the time to do all the research?
  • Who to go to for help with the whole process?
  • How to budget to maintain your current lifestyle?
  • What are the costs?
  • How can I maintain certainty of repayments in the future?
  • How do I transition from one home to the next?
  • Concerned about your security?

Having a partner to work with you to realise your dream can help you get there sooner.

I've helped hundreds of couples, families and single women by being there when they needed it most and to answer all of those questions and more. My focus is not the loan, it's helping you realise your dreams and goals. I guide you through the process of buying a home, budgeting to help maintain your existing lifestyle, introducing you to all the professionals you might need along the way, Solicitors, Financial Planners, Building Inspector, Insurers, Accountant, etc. You get as much or as little of my knowledge, experience and contacts as you need.

Professional home loan help when you need it

I want to make the process of finding the right type of home loan for you and your circumstances as easy as possible. You benefit by being able to compare multiple lenders and over a 1000 different home loans.

All lenders will glorify their available loans and fit you into a product that suits them and their needs. Like fitting a round peg into a square hole - it fits, but how good is that fit? They won't tell you that the bank down the road has a loan that might suit you better. And that's the benefit of discussing your home loan needs with me, together we'll find the right fit for you, one that suits you and your needs alone.

My case was never going to be easy. No one wanted to give me a mortgage. I was too old and on a low income. It was a long and arduous road, but through dogged application to the task Astrid found me the mortgage I needed. Although there was probably not a lot in it for her, Astrid really went in to bat for me. My whole life has changed in the most positive way. I am now in my first home and so very grateful that I had Astrid Caddeo on my side to make this happen. The benefits of paying off my home go beyond the good feeling that comes from home ownership. I am no longer subject to the current, awful rental situation. My increased sense of security and comfort has had an unmeasurable positive effect on my life. I highly recommend Astrid Caddeo from Loan Market. I could not have had better, more diligent and friendly service. I wish Astrid continued good fortune in her business as she deserves all success that comes her way. Make Astrid Caddeo your first choice in Mortgage Broking, she's earned it and she won't let you down. Susan Everett - Preston - First Home Buyer (Land and Construction) - Country Victoria

A mortgage broker with experience and qualifications

Having spent 15 years as a tax and company accountant, five years as a real estate agent and 12 months dealing exclusively with property investors and developers, I have lived and breathed finance and real estate for most of my professional career. I offer you this extensive knowledge and experience in your search for the right home loan.

  • Full member of the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) and an Accredited Mortgage Consultant
  • Registered with SEQUAL as a Reverse Mortgage Consultant (RMC)
  • Diploma of Financial Service (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management)


Based out of Port Melbourne and living in Keilor means I have clients all over Melbourne but most of them are from Keilor East, Brunswick, Carlton, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Maribyrnong, Footscray, Coburg, Pascoe Vale.

Astrid is very friendly and easy to talk to. She really listens. Astrid explains everything in normal language and makes you understand. She is very professional and made me confident to know we were in good hands.

F. Fuentes

I am really grateful for all your help and the amount of energy that you put into arranging this mortgage for me. You made life a bit easier for me! I think I would have ended up paying extra for a product that I didn't really want. When I come back to buying another property, I will call you first.

Stephen Campbell - ACT - Refinance & Property Investment

Simply - I believe the person you deal with is of great significance. We could not have asked for a better broker than Astrid Caddeo. Her attention to detail and information was first class

Andrew Collins - Fitzroy - First Home Buyer - Inner City