First Home Buyers

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First home buyers are becoming far more knowledgeable and savvy when it comes to buying their first home, but there are so many things that a first home buyer needs to take into account that it can still get very confusing. I take the confusion out of the process by assisting first home with a step-by-step guide of the whole process of buying a home, including:

  • analysing your home loan options searching for the right property
  • the provision of RP Data reports so they can ascertain the value of the homes in their desired suburb
  • information on how to buy at auction and/or how to negotiate in a private sale
  • explaining terms and conditions of their contract of sale
  • the importance of a finance clause and securing a home loan pre-approval
  • how to get the First Home Owners Grant and how much are they entitled to what happens at settlement

This step-by-step process can assist first home buyers enormously and make the process of applying for a home loan easy and comfortable.

Astrid was brilliant all the way through. I felt very looked after and I was kept fully informed the whole time. Astrid was happy to answer any questions I had along the way which put me at ease. L. Stafford. You have been absolutely wonderful through all of this Astrid and I really appreciate your professional and helpful manner. Lauren Cameron - Melbourne - First Home Buyer - Country Victoria.
My case was not going to be easy. No one wanted to give me a mortgage. I was too old and on a reduced income. It was a long and arduous road, but through dogged application to the task Astrid found me the mortgage I needed. Although there was probably not a lot in it for her, Astrid really went in to bat for me. My whole life has changed in the most positive way. I am now in my first home and so very grateful that I had Astrid Caddeo on my side to make this happen. The benefits of paying off my home go beyond the good feeling that comes from home ownership. I am no longer subject to the current, awful rental situation. My increased sense of security and comfort has had an unmeasurable positive effect on my life. I highly recommend Astrid Caddeo from Loan Market. I could not have had better, more diligent and friendly service. I wish Astrid continued good fortune in her business as she deserves all success that comes her way. Make Astrid Caddeo your first choice in Mortgage Broking, she's earned it and she won't let you down. Susan Everett - Preston - First Home Buyer (Land and Construction) - Country Victoria

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