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Refinancing needn't be a drama and there are tons of good reasons to do it!

  • need money for a new car
  • want to replace the kitchen or bathroom
  • got a holiday planned
  • make sure you’ve got a competitive interest rate.

I think you should take a look at your home loan every two to three years just to make sure you’re happy with what you’ve got. By asking a few simple, key questions you’d be surprised at what I could find that could save you money or help you get to your destination sooner.

And if I think you should stay put then I’ll tell you.

That’s why my clients speak to me any time they want to do something, once I know what they want it’s my job to make it happen for them, and that’s why they come back because they know I'll spend the time to find them a solution and I tell it like it is.

This is twice now that Astrid has secured a loan for me in circumstances where other lenders would not look at accepting me. She has been excellent with her communication and presents in a cheerful, friendly manner on every occassion. T. Berryman
My experience with Loan Market, in particular the assistance and guidance from Astrid Caddeo, has made the task of refinancing mortgages an absolute breeze. I am so thankful that I chose to seek advice from Astrid, as it made the somewhat tedious and difficult process of choosing a lender, stressfree and seamless, particularly as there are so many choices out there in the Home Finance arena. Astrid went the extra mile on many occasions, communication was clear, concise and frequent, and it was this extra attention to detail which made the whole process so much easier. I'd recommend Astrid and Loan Market to my family and friends, and anyone that is faced with the large and sometimes daunting task, of deciding how to go about refinancing. A BIG THANKYOU! Regards, Daniel Smith.

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