Construction Loans

Knowing exactly what to expect when building your home is a key part of a successful build. Building can be a complex process that involves multiple parties including; builders, contractors, solicitors, accountants, quantity surveyors and the council. It is in your best interest to choose a broker who knows the in’s and out’s to a construction loan; that's where I come in.

I will sit down with you and in our initial appointment I will go through what you may expect throughout the process, from start to finish. I'll structure your loan in a way that ensures your new home is built without the many hassles that can appear.

One issue can be the surprise of hidden or unknown costs that appear during the build process. I will work with you to try and eliminate as many unknown costs as possible, by keeping the end in mind from the very beginning. Some builders even offer fixed price contracts that can assist with this as well.

Many first home buyers choose to build to take advantage of the first home owner’s grant that can be available to them. Part of my process involves assisting you to claim the grant and also explain when and how it can be used towards your home.

As the construction process can be quite daunting, I highly recommend sitting down with a mortgage broker as part of your initial planning.

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