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For something as major as your home loan, it is important to know what benefits a mortgage broker can provide you instead of going directly to the bank.

Top 5 reasons to use a mortgage broker:


Meeting with a mortgage broker is like meeting with 30+ lenders with access to over 1000 loan products, rather than meeting with just one bank.

If you are happy with your current bank and would like to continue using them, it is still worthwhile meeting and going through your current loan. There may be a more suitable solution, with a more competitive rate and structure, that you current lender hasn’t told you about.

I will liaise directly with the bank to find you the right interest rate and terms for your specific needs.


I deal with lenders on a day-to-day basis. I know what needs to be done at each step to make it a smooth process for you.

Banks can change staff plus rules regularly, so it's good to have someone working for you who is up to date with these changes.


Unlike traditional lenders I am available to meet you after hours and in the comfort of your own home if you prefer. I understand that most people work 9-5 so getting time off work to visit your bank can be quite difficult.

Following up the progress of your loan application can also be quite time consuming and frustrating, especially if this is your first home. I will do all the follow up and paperwork so you don't have to and I will ensure you are updated at each step of the way.


As I have access to a panel of over 30 lenders and 1000 loan products, my focus is getting you the right loan This could mean finding you a lower rate than you are currently on, a loan with lower fees or a specific loan feature that will help you pay your loan off quicker.

No Cost

The service that I provide is at no cost to you. The lender that you choose will pay the mortgage broker after the loan settles. This means you have access to a service to get you a suitable loan and it won't cost you a thing!

I can assist you with owner occupied loans, investment loans, buying your first home, construction loans and guarantor loans.

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