Home Loans

I organise home loans for a broad range of professionals from various industries, with special requirements. A key component of working with such groups of people, is providing a very flexible home loan service that focuses on communication in several formats including face-to-face, phone, email and fax.

Get a Home Loan Pre-approval in Darwin
As there are so many auctions that regularly take place in Darwin, I recommend pre-approvals for clients with their home loan for the following reasons

1. Lenders are constantly changing their Home Loan Options

2. A pre-approval can be the difference between securing a great Home Loan product or missing out, as it gets pulled from the market.

3. Provides security and Flexibility as you are not locked into a particular Home Loan Product or Lender, as this can be reassessed at the time of purchase.

Home Loans for Fly in Fly out Jobs
I have organised a lot of home loans for people with fly in fly out jobs. It’s a fantastic service, as we have an initial meeting and everything is taken care of all the way through to settlement of their Home Loan. Follow up phone calls and emails provide peace-of-mind, letting them know that everything is all under control and that their home loan application is running smoothly.

Home Loans for Defence Personnel in Darwin
I get a lot of enquiries from Defence Personnel, e.g. Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. Even though they are eligible for home loans and discounts through DEF credit, quite often I have been able to get them a better, cheaper and more flexible home loan for their situation. It pays to look outside of the square instead of jumping into a one-size-fits-all deal.

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