About Us

Since 2004 Loan Market Burwood have been at the forefront of Australian lending. Jason and the team were named International Broker of the Year for Loan Market in 2015, competing against nearly 600 brokers across Australia and New Zealand. Loan Market Burwood was also in the Top Ten for customer satisfaction and have been rated as NSW broker choice and broker of the year for the last two years in a row.

Jason and the team are the first Loan Market branch to open as a franchise in New South Wales and since 2004 Jason’s ambition has been very clear: to become a trusted advisor to his clients – someone who helps them with all finance matters and their lifestyle goals.

Though they are based in Burwood, they assist clients from all over Sydney and even have some client’s interstate. The team pride themselves on our high level of customer service, something they have made a priority of developing and working on over the past 11 years.

Due to the quality and frequency of the submissions that Loan Market Burwood lodge to the banks, they have been elevated to a higher status. Whether it be a Pink Diamond Broker, Platinum Broker or a Diamond broker the team are considered a priority to most of the major banks. This results in a higher turnaround time on applications, better rates and quicker response times. This status only helps their client further in getting the best possible deal on their loan.

The team's commitment to their customer's satisfaction ensures that they make the otherwise stressful experience of purchasing a property as easy and painless as possible, while still ensuring that it is a quick, efficient process.