Buying a home in Burwood

The interest rate is not everything.

When it comes to home loans, most people tend to shop around for the best interest rate. On the surface that may seem intuitive, but what most people don’t know is that the best interest rate doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best deal to suit your unique requirements, circumstances and goals.

With 10 years of experience, we’ve learnt that focusing on the structure of a home loan as opposed to the interest rate, is the way to get the best financial deal. We’d love to sit down with you over a coffee and help you find the home loan that suits your individual needs, by asking questions other brokers may not ask.

As a starting point, be sure to take into account the size of the loan, how much you can set aside for a deposit and even the type of property that you one day hope to own. We cannot emphasize enough choosing the right product that will complement your current and future requirements, as well as tailoring the right package for your individual needs.

There are hundreds of different home loans options to choose from. We’ll help you with understanding the many different options, features and fees to help you choose the right lender, strategy and structure.

Our job is to help you understand the many different processes and systems of each lender and recommend the one that will suit you as an individual. We strive to educate clients on the many different types of loans and take the time to explain the benefits of how different structures could work to their advantage – helping them achieve their financial goals and plans sooner.

We recently won the Broker of the Year Award for the second year running and with access to over 30 lenders including major banks and financial institutions, you can trust that the Loan Market Burwood team have the experience and personalised customer care to help you find your next home loan.

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