Purchasing your first home

Congratulations! Purchasing your very first home can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Don’t be intimidated by how the lending process works, We're here to support and guide you along your journey towards home ownership.

As a team of experienced brokers, we’ve discovered the most common challenge facing first home buyers is they find it difficult to understand the entire process involved. That’s where we come in. Our job is to take the pressure off and ensure the home loan application is as stress free as possible.

Buying your first home is an exciting decision and the first step in building a solid foundation for both your personal and financial future. We’ll walk you through the many options and help with decisions you’ll have to make. These include:
  • Discovering how much you you can borrow
  • How much deposit you’ll need
  • Any paperwork required
  • Cooling-off periods
  • Legal requirements

We’ve also found first home buyers appreciate the guidance provided on the best way to deal with lawyers and contract negotiations when putting together a home loan.

To help prospective buyers with their first home purchase, we’ll work together to come out with a financial plan tailored to your budget and personal situation. We have a wide range of tools to assist you with working out all costs involved it obtaining a home loan such as repayments, stamp duties and legal fees.

When all this information is put together and presented to my clients, it helps them visualise a scenario of what they should expect right from the beginning.

Once the loan is approved, we make it a priority to carefully explain the next steps that should be taken. We're proud to say we’ve ensured countless first home buyers enjoy a smooth process from before they purchase a property through to settling into their new home.

Come speak to the team at Loan Market Burwood if you’re confused about the process of obtaining your first home loan and to make sure you have peace of mind when starting your journey towards first home ownership.

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