Refinancing your loan

Thinking about refinancing? Whether you’re looking to improve your cash flow, free up equity or reorganise your finances for new investments, the team at Loan Market Burwood are here to provide honest, straightforward advice on all your options.

The key consideration when thinking about refinancing is whether you will be in a better position than you are right now with your current home loan.

Whether you’re unhappy with your current interest rate and want to lower your monthly repayments or you feel that your lender is not meeting your needs, we can help clarify your financial situation and determine the most beneficial refinancing options.

Why do clients come and see us when considering refinancing? They’re shopping around for better rates, looking to improve their current cash flow, want to access equity in their home loan, or looking into future investment opportunities.

Our expertise lies in helping clients figure out if their current interest rates are too high or if it’s beneficial for them to refinance after taking into consideration the costs involved. As brokers, nothing makes us happier than helping someone meet their financial goals and seeing their dreams come to fruition.

We’ll identify and assess your current cash flow, and help you understand if there are areas that can be improved upon as well as creating the best possible loan structure. We’ll also provide you with solutions to help manage your cash flow or access some of the equity you have already built up in your property if you need this.

Our aim is to simplify the refinancing process by taking you through all available options. This will help you understand any costs involved with switching lenders as well as any incentives a new lender may offer that you can take advantage of.

Contact us today if you’d like to explore the options at your disposal, if your financial situation changes, or if you’d like to make an informed decision on getting a more competitive rate for your home loan.

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