Beckenham – the perfect place for families

In the city of Gosnells sits Beckenham, a quiet, leafy suburb that provides the perfect opportunity for buyers wanting some respite from the rush of city life, but not wanting to stray too far from the Western Australian capital.

With real estate in Beckenham, not only can you enjoy the local sights and attractions, but you’re also in a perfect position to access everything else that the Wildflower State has to offer. Why not give it a look?

Who owns property in Beckenham?

When you move into Beckenham, you’ll find a place perfect to settle down and raise some kids. With its growing population of families, its four parks and its fantastic amenities, Beckenham is the picture perfect suburb for those wanting to settle down and lay down some roots.

There are a number of educational facilities in the area, such as Beckenham Primary School and Beckenham Kindergarten, plus Sevenoaks Senior College and St Norbert College in neighbouring East Cannington. There’s even a music school, so that your little ones will get a full, well-rounded education.

With a residential or even a rental property in Beckenham, you can lie back, relax and watch as your young ones grow up before your very eyes.

What else can owning real estate in Beckenham offer?

Beckenham is a beautiful green suburb that offers plenty of opportunities for good, old-fashioned recreation. Go up to Glamoragan Park or Celebration Reserve for your morning job, or get some friends together for a bit of team sports.

The jewel in the Beckenham crown, however, is Woodlupine Brook Reserve – just follow the brook north to wander on its pathways, among its open grassed areas and vegetated sites and scamper around on its playground.

Not far are the Brixton Street Wetlands, a 19 hectare botanical wonder that, with its more than 80 species of wildflowers, is the most floristically diverse site in the Swan coastal plain.

And don’t forget about is Mills Park, connected to Woodlupine by the brook which weaves out from the reserve. Here you can find the Brixton Street Tennis Centre or the Mills Park Bowling Club, as well as cricket pitches and facilities for skating and BMX cycling.

The convenient location of Beckenham

When you own property in Beckenham, you’re not relegated to some far-off area. If you want to expand your horizons, and enjoy what else the Swan region and greater Perth area have to offer,jump on one of its many buses, or take a walk to the Beckenham Station on William Street.

At only around 19km from Perth, Beckenham is also only around a 25 minute drive away from the City of Lights, where you can experience its cultural scene, as well as its retail and entertainment opportunities.

If all this has whet your appetite, get in touch with a real estate agent in Beckenham today to see how you can get yourself set up with a property.

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