Buy property in clean, green Cannington

If you’re looking for a quiet, leafy suburb close to the CBD and with plenty of essential amenities nearby, then you’re looking for real estate in Cannington. With its tree-lined streets, paved roads and transport options, Cannington is the very picture of the suburban ideal.

Whether you’re a parent, a retiree, a couple or enjoying life in Western Australia on your own, you’ll find everything you need right here in a property in Cannington.

What makes real estate in Cannington so desirable?

The toughest thing about answering this question is knowing where to start.

With eight parks located within Cannington’s 5 square kilometre boundaries – from Wilson to Ferndale Park - its home owners have plenty of options when it comes to going out, breathing the fresh air and kicking a ball around.

The crown jewel is Canning River and its Regional Park, a 6km long bastion of natural beauty and recreation on both sides of the Canning River. From wetlands and marshes to salt water estuaries and forests, you can experience a diverse range of natural environments, and interact with the many species of birds and other wildlife that call the park their home.

Or why not hire a canoe or kayak and explore the river and the park from start to finish. When you’re done, relax by the banks and admire the beauty of the sunset reflected in the river’s clear, blue water.

Building on the beauty of its natural features, Cannington is also known as a sustainable area that works to keep its environment healthy and pristine. When you live in a residential or rental property in Cannington, you can be sure that you’re residing in a responsible, progressive neighbourhood that’s keeping up with the changes of the 21st century.

What kind of amenities surround property in Cannington?

Canning is not simply a paradise for nature lovers. It has everything that a home buyer would expect in a modern, urban environment, with all the necessary amenities nearby.

There are a number of schools in the area, from early learning centres to Wilson Primary School, Canning College and Canning Public School. At no stage in your children’s lives will they go without education. And with many parents having already made the decision to purchase real estate in Cannington, they’ll have plenty of friends to keep them company.

Don’t forget about the nearby Bentley Health Service for your medical needs, or the local bowling alley for entertainment.

Finally, the Wesfield Carousel shopping centre is right in the heart of town, fulfilling all of your consumer needs.

What more could you need? If you’re ready to get in touch with a mortgage broker in Cannington, give Damien Mills a call.

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