East Cannington

Where else but East Cannington?

Take a trip east across the Swan River and you’ll soon stumble upon the not-so-best kept secret of Western Australia – the suburb of East Cannington. Bounded on either side by the city of Gosnells and Gibbs and Thomas Streets, this area west of the Cannington Station was originally named after former British Prime Minister George Canning.

With its fantastic location, range of excellent amenities and clean, green principles, it’s easy to see why property in East Cannington is quickly flying to the top of the list of must-own real estate in the state.

There’s no need to simply take us at our word. One quick read about what real estate East Cannington has to offer and you’ll agree that it’s the place to be in the Wildflower State.

What is it about real estate in East Cannington?

More and more people are finding about the unique benefits of living in residential and rental property in East Cannington.

With three parks in its approximately 3 square kilometre radius, you’re never far away from somewhere you can go jogging, take the dog for a walk, play with the kids or have a kick around with friends. From East Cannington Park to Temby Saint Reserve, you’ve got plenty of options.

And don’t forget that East Cannington is only about a six-minute drive from majestic Canning River and its surrounding regional park, a perfect place to go exploring and kayaking, plus to experience the unique natural environment of the Golden State.

The wider area of Canning is also known for its focus on sustainability, aiming to create a living space and environment that you and your children can enjoy for years to come. With bike paths and the close proximity of property in East Cannington to all of the essentials, you can look forward to giving the gas-guzzler a rest from time to time.

What kind of amenities can I expect with real estate in East Cannington?

With plenty of great schools nearby, such as Gibbs Street Primary School and Sevenoaks Senior College, it’s easy to see why East Cannington has such a strong family presence.

If you’re intent on raising your children in this idyllic suburb, you can be sure that both you and your little ones will meet new friends in no time.

Don’t forget the Bentley Health Service located only around a 7 minute drive away from property in East Cannington. With such close proximity to such a crucial facility, you can be sure to have peace of mind for the years to come.

Finally, the Western Australian capital is either a simple 30 minute bus trip away, or around a 20 minute drive in by car, so you can enjoy all the City of Light has to offer at little inconvenience.

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