Investors Loans

We understand the excitement and allure of a good investment, but we also get how important it is for your investment finance to be tailored to your investment goals. We enjoy working with all kinds of property investors, from the first timer to experienced investor to help you achieve your financial goals.

The right lender and product can make or break your investment strategy, especially if you’re looking to build a property portfolio or finance a development. We can help you cut through the clutter to find the options that works for you.

Property investment in Perth can be a lucrative endeavour, but it’s not always simple.

There are risks and complications involved with investing in property, but a strong investment loan can give you more confidence. However, it’s of utmost important that your loan allows you to maximise your gains and balance your property investment budget. An experienced mortgage broker can go a long way toward these efforts, but our background brings a few extra assets to the table that can put you ahead of the pack.

More than a broker

When looking for a mortgage broker to help you with your property investment in Cannington, WA and surrounding areas, you first and foremost want someone who has a good understanding of the loans available. We have that sort of knowledge and more.

First, we ourselves are property and share investors. We have seen first hand the challenges investors may face as well as the benefits they can reap if they make the right choices. We use our personal experiences to help my clients obtain loans that are in line with their investment goals and meet the necessary requirements.

What’s more, we also have a background in accountancy. Before becoming a mortgage broker, we worked extensively as an accountant. This means we have knowledge of the Australian tax system as well as business and investment financial structures, which will be invaluable to you on your path toward strong property investment.

What options are available?

There are many different types of loans available for your property investment in Cannington, WA and we’ll help you find the optimal ones for your personal needs and wants. Some of your options include:

  • Variable rate loans
  • Line of credit loans
  • Fixed rate loans
  • Paying your interest in advance
  • Making interest-only repayments

For first-time property investors, these terms may seem a bit confusing. Allow us to explain your various options in clear, easy-to-comprehend language to help get you on the track to success.

Forming a relationship

Property investment is a long-term commitment, and therefore, it’s a good idea to form a strong relationship with a trusted mortgage broker from the very start. As you continue to make investments, you’ll want someone who knows your history, investment strategy and trajectory. With us in your corner, you will be certain you are starting off this relationship on the right foot.

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