The City of Lights has never shined so bright

On the west coast of Australia’s most western state lies the city of Perth, a shining beacon luring property buyers in from all around Australia.

There’s a reason it’s called the City of Light. It’s not just because of the fateful day in 1962 that astronaut John Glenn observed the city of Perth from space, lights around the city turned on in tribute to his mission. And it’s not just that it’s the country’s sunniest city. It’s also because the prospects for those purchasing or investing in real estate in Perth are increasingly bright.

Who owns property in Perth?

Owners of both residential and rental property in Perth are of all stripes and backgrounds. A growing, cosmopolitan and global city, you won’t just find Australians here, but residents from all over the world. Residing in real estate in Perth, you’ll expose yourself to a multitude of cultures you may never have dreamed of meeting before.

A vibrant and exciting city, Perth never slows down. It’s the perfect location for young, up-and-coming individuals making their way up the career ladder and looking for a dynamic night-life. With plenty of renters alongside those looking to permanently settle into a property in Perth, the city is tailor-made for any property buyer’s needs.

I’ve got real estate in Perth. What now?

The city is your oyster. There are just about countless opportunities for recreation, fun and expansion of one’s cultural boundaries in the City of Light. From fashion festivals to the Winter Arts Season, there is event upon event to ensure you’re never at a loss for what to do.

If you’re feeling in the mood for some sport, why not go to the Perth Arena and check out Western Australia’s only National Basketball League team, the Perth Wildcats? Or better yet, try some sporting action yourself and get sweaty in one of the city’s 11 parks, such as its famous 400-hectare Kings Park.

It’s not all city-life in Perth, however. For those more inclined to enjoy the natural wonders of Western Australia’s golden beaches, fair weather and stunning landscapes, there’s always the easy access to the Wildflower State’s world-class coastline.

Cottesloe Beach is a moment away, while the port city of Fremantle lies to the south. Go further south and you’ll come to the dolphin-filled shore of Rockingham. You could even take a ferry to Rottnest Island and unwind with a bit of fishing and snorkelling.

If you’re hoping to purchase some real estate, whether to invest in a developing city or to settle down in an exciting metropolis, it’s time to seek out a mortgage broker in Perth.

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