Victoria Park

Enjoy life and lifestyle at Victoria Park

Take a ride over the Swan River, past Foreshore River Reserve, over the top of Heirisson Island and right by the greenery of McCallum Park. What will you find? Only Victoria park, one of the most desirable suburbs in Perth’s middle ring of suburbs.

With a property in Victoria Park, you’ve not only got easy access to Australia’s westernmost capital city and all of the natural wonders that make Western Australia one of the country’s most beautiful states. You’ve also got a trendy, vibrant space to live that more and more young Australians are choosing to make their home.

Just a quick look at the various features of real estate in Victoria Park, and it’s not hard to see why houses there are quickly filling up with warm bodies.

What’s special about property in Victoria Park?

At only 5 square kilometres in size, Victoria Park may sound at first like a small hamlet. But in fact, Victoria Park is one of the most dynamic, exciting suburbs the City of Light has to offer.

There’s a hardly a week that goes by without some kind of event in Victoria Park offering its residents an activity or opportunity for recreation: cooking programmes, workshops, walking groups, car shows, food markets, fairs – whatever you’re into, you’ll find it at Victoria park.

But you don’t simply have to sit and wait for entertainment to come to you. You can make your own fun. With 14 parks sprinkled throughout its area, there’s never a wasted opportunity to indulge in the great Aussie pastime of pick-up sports. The Western Australian Marathon Club is only a few minutes away from the town centre, too, if you’re after something a little more serious.

And don’t forget the glimmering Swan River, perfect for kayaking or taking a bit of a dip in those hot Western Australian summers.

Just a short walk through its leafy streets is enough to see why Australians are increasingly setting their sights on homes and rental property in Victoria above other suburbs.

What are the neighbourhoods like at Victoria Park?

Victoria Park is filled with youthful, friendly faces making their way up in the world and enjoying the kind of exciting care-free lifestyle that Victoria Park offers.

Located approximately 13 minutes drive away from Perth, it’s perfect for those who aren’t ready to leave behind the allure of big city life, but might crave something a little quieter. With real estate in Victoria Park, you’re only a bus or a car ride away from the nightlife and cultural happenings of the City of Light.

Don’t think twice about it. Contact a mortgage broker in Victoria Park and start the hunt for property. You’ll thank yourself later.

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