First Home Buyer's Guide

If you’re a first home buyer on the journey to owning your own home, speaking to a broker makes sense. 

I have created a comprehensive guide with information tailored to first home buyers. 

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As a Broker, I'm paid by the successful bank, and not by you. In Australia, brokers now arrange more than 50% of all new home loans, which means we bring more lending to the banks than their own branches. Banks acknowledge that customers these days value choice and so our lender panel needs to stay competitive in order for our customers to choose them.

I have access to a large range of loan products from more than 30 banks and lending institutions. My job is to present you with a shortlist based on your individual circumstances and requirements, however you always call the shots as to which bank you ultimately proceed with.

Assuming that you'll automatically get the better deal by going direct to the banks can cost you time and money. Loyalty or history doesn't always equate to a better deal with the banks. Having access to hundreds of home loan products means I can shop around on your behalf to find the loan that suits your situation so you can see why I deal with so many first home buyers.