Why First Home Buyers Need a Broker

If you’re a first home buyer on the journey to owning your own home, speaking to a broker makes sense.

Are you a first home buyer on the journey to owning your own home? If yes, then speaking to a broker makes sense.

The home loan application process can seem overwhelming however, it's my job to simplify the process for you. To do this, I need to know more about you and your circumstances, so I've put together a quick and easy First Home Buyer Checklist for you to complete.

I have access to a large range of loan products from more than 30 banks and lending institutions. My job is to present you with different options based on your individual circumstances and requirements. 

Here's how it works. First, I will need information about your current circumstances, such as your employment history, assets and liabilities, savings, etc. Next, depending on your current financial situation, my team and I will either organise a time to meet and discuss your options, or give you the information and guidance necessary to overcome the hurdles holding you back. It's that simple.

You can use my First Home Buyer Checklist at any time by clicking here. In my experience, having access to the right information is crucial to getting the outcome that is right for you.

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