Refinancing in the Sutherland region

Refinancing your current home loan is a good idea if you want to reduce your monthly repayments, access existing equity in your home loan or to consolidate debt.

Many people with a 30 year home loan simply get on with life, make their monthly payments and don’t give their mortgage much thought. Yet, there is a constant outcry when our Major Bank’s announces their annual profits. Are a portion of their profits because you have not completed a health check on your home loan over the last couple of years?

If you took out your present home loan 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago, you would have been dealing in a very different lending environment. Your personal financial situation could also have been quite different.

Banking and home loans in Australia have changed. Your refinanced home loan might include different features including a line of credit, offset account or perhaps even the ability to redraw funds. Don’t leave it to chance, a meeting with a mortgage broker allows your to assess your home loan and make sure it’s still working for you!

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