Self-employed buyers

Many Australians enjoy the flexibility of working for themselves, but being self-employed means time is of the essence, not to mention the challenge of keeping up with the paperwork of running your own business.

As a self-employed business owner myself I can empathise with the challenges of running your own business.

Applying for a home loan when you are running your own business is very different to obtaining a loan while you are an employee. Each lender’s assessment criteria and interpretation of financial statements differs significantly and your borrowing capacity can therefore vary by hundreds of thousands between lenders. As a result business owners sometimes have a harder time obtaining a mortgage.

The key to getting approved is to apply with the right lender in the first instance. This is where my expertise comes to the fore, and where you do not have to play Russian roulette and hope that you walk into the right lending institution.

Each institution has their own way of calculating your income for borrowing purposes. Typically lenders will abide by one of three methods. To find out more either give me a call or complete the enquiry form and I’ll be in contact.

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