When it comes to making the most of an investment property, finding the right home in the right location is only half the battle; finding the most suitable finance is the other half. Many options are available and the choice of home loan will ultimately depend on your particular investment strategy and the type of property.

Here are the four main choices.

  1. Standard variable rate
  2. Fixed rate home loan
  3. Interest only home loan
  4. Line of Credit Facility

Additional loan features that may offer tax benefits or help you pay off your investment loan sooner include:

  • Interest in advance home loan enables eligible borrowers to create a tax deduction by paying next years’ interest in the current financial year.
  • Mortgage Offset Account Enables you to use savings and interest earned on savings to pay off the loan principal.

Talk to me today to find out how you can make good use of loan features such as redraw, offset and additional repayments to help manage your investment loan.

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